Web Resources

So, as with most things these days, when we want to find out about something, we "google" it...

To date, I've found the following forums a great resource for connecting with the fellow anglers, full of advice and debate...


http://www.matchfishing-scene.co.uk/ - Excellent bunch of lads, including some of the superstars from the fishing world

http://aamf.co.uk - Anglers from all around the UK running a match fishing league.
http://www.maggotdrowning.com/ - Anglers from all around the UK and some further field

http://www.anglerscabin.co.uk/ - full of Northern banter




Angling Magazine's
http://www.gofishing.co.uk/ - Angling Times
http://www.anglersmail.co.uk/ - Anglers Mail
http://www.matchfishingmagazine.com/ - DHP Match Fishing Magazine
http://polefishingmagazine.com/ - DHP Pole Fishing Magazine
http://www.onlinefishing.tv/ - Fishing Shows, most require a subscription

Angling Superstars
http://www.bobnudd.com/ - The one only Bob Nudd
http://www.fishingcoaching.co.uk/ - Andy May Tuition
http://www.andykinder.co.uk/ - Andy Kinder Tuition

I can be found under the following Usernames:
Lewea - Maggotdrowning
Lewy - Anglerscabin, Matchfishing-Scene & Total-Fishing

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