Mark vs Mark

2014 Scoring

Lewy 4 - Mark 3

A new year and some new rules.  Mark and I will fish from January 2014 until March 2015 to decide the winner for 2014.  2015 we will fish from March until March the following year....

Mark takes first blood in 2014... well done matey...

DateVenueWinnerLewyMark K
12/7/15Blue Bell LakesLewy43
14/9/14Kingsland ReservoirLewy42
19/7/14Rookery Waters, MagpieLewy32
11/7/14The Glebe, Pool 5Lewy22
16/3/14Lake John, Top LakeMark12
15/3/14Chestnut PoolLewy11
2/2/14How End FisheryMark01

As most of the blog readers will appreciate I do fish a lot with my good friend Mark Keightley.  We are both very competitive in Snooker, Golf and of course fishing.
The snooker and golf, Mark normal beats me into the ground, but the fishing, we are on par (excuse the pun) with each other.

So, where did our little fishing competition start?  Many years ago is the answer, back in 1997, before I headed off to Australia.  We were in the local club, playing snooker and talking about fishing and the fact that neither of us had fished for years so we decided that a fishing session was well overdue.

The venue was to be the River Nene at BlueBell Lakes in Peterborough.

Mark and Little Kev came to pick me up early one weekend and surprise surprise I was still in bed, it was 5am for goodness sake... so we head off to the River Nene and set up our pulled together gear.  We all fished the feeder.  The result, well let's just say that Mark and Little Kev got battered.  A switch to sweetcorn brought in the bream for me, one after another.

I then left for Australia and held the victory over Mark for nearly 13 years.... until now, when we picked up the fishing bug again.

So, this page is to track the scores and links to the blog pages for each mini match.

2013 Scoring - Lewy makes it 3 years in a row....

Lewy 6 - Mark 3

DateVenueWinnerLewyMark K
15-Sep-13Rookery Waters, PidleyMark K63
14-Sep-13Wold Farm, PodingtonLewy62
07-Jul-13Rookery Waters, PidleyLewy52
09-Jun-13How End FisheryLewy42
07-Apr-13Lawn Farm FisheryLewy32
19-Mar-13Kingsland Reservoir, CoatesLewy22
18-Mar-13How End Fishery, BedfordLewy12
16-Mar-13Chestnut Pool, BiggleswadeMark K02
17-Feb-13Decoy Lakes, Whittlesey, CambridgeMark K01

2012 Result - Lewy wins the "Fish off"

Round 1 - Diawa Hallcroft Fishery
Round 2 - Lawn Farm Fishery

The rest of the matches for 2012 below:

DateVenueWinnerLewyMark K
11/3/12Sivyer LakeLewy42
10/3/12Gold ValleyMark K32
18/2/12Kingsland ReservoirLewy31
22/1/12Gold Valley - OpenLewy21
21/1/12Gold ValleyMark K11
7-8/1/12Piking, The FensLewy10

2011 Result - Lewy 14 - Mark 8

DateVenueWinnerLewyMark K
4/11/11Lawn Farm FisheryLewy148
3/11/11Rookery Waters - MagpieLewy138
9/10/11Lake JohnLewy128
8/9/11Gold ValleyLewy118
17/7/11Wold Farm FisheryLewy108
16/7/11Decoy LakesMark K98
29/5/11Kingsland ReservoirLewy97
8/5/11How End FisheryLewy87
7/5/11Lawn Farm FisheryLewy77
17/4/11Tunnel Barn Farm - Top PoolLewy67
17/4/11Tunnel Barn Farm - House PoolDraw57
3/4/11Rookery Waters - RookMark K46
2/4/11Lawn Farm FisheryMark K45
20/3/11Rookery Waters - MagpieMark K44
19/3/11Weston LakesMark K43
20/2/11Lawn Farm FisheryDraw42
19/2/11Piking - The FensMark K31
16/10/10Crystal LakesLewy30
15/10/10Manor Farm FisheriesLewy20
1997River NeneLewy10

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