FAS - Kings Pond, 11th November 2018

Sunday's match at another new venue to me, Kings Pond between Badshot Lea big and little ponds. Sunday was almost a washout for me, literally. The weather on Saturday night was horrendous. Sunday morning greeted me with a semi flooded back garden, with our neighbours garden looking like a swimming pool so I sent a text to the match organiser saying I was going to give today a miss. I can hear the calls of fair weather fisherman now!

I grabbed a coffee and the rain stopped. A quick check on the weather app and it was predicting a beautiful sunny day, so I finished loading the car and called Richard, our MO to tell him I was on my way.

I turned up at the fishery, a car park that I'd not been to before 5 minutes late for the draw however everyone had waited for me. Thanks guys!

The Draw
Peg 12 with Tommy as one of my neighbours, again! The other side of me, Richard. With the exception of the end pegs to my right, all the pegs looked pretty even in that they had so…

FAS - Badshot Lea Little Pond, 4th November 2018

Back to Badshot Lea Little Pond for today's Farnham Angling Society match. The day after all the firework display's and the weather wasn't too cold although it didn't know whether or not it wanted to rain or not. The water still had some colour in it although the margins where pretty clear.

It was going to be a day of negative fishing to try and winkle out some of the better bream in the lake.

The Draw
Peg 36, so the only area I have fished on the small pond having drawn up here every time.  The lads mentioned that the pegs further down are the better ones and we did have a debate whether or not to drawn on both sides of the lake at the far end.

Neighbour again would be Tommy!

Feeder rod with a small Drennan cage feeder on and the following pole lines:
14.5 metres at 11 and 1 o'clockMargin line to my right Bait for the day, casters for going through the feeder and loose feeding over the pole lines, dead red maggots together with micro and 6mm pellets, and …

Mill Farm Fishery, 26th October 2018

An opportunity to catch up with Craig and his mate Margo. We selected a fishery mid way between our homes and ended up in West Sussex, Pulborough and Mill Farm Fishery and Mill pond.

Mill Farm Fishery is famous for its population of silver bream (Bilcca bjoerkna) and where the British record has been captured a number of times. An easy way to distinguish the silver bream from the more common bronze bream is the large black eye, the silver scales and the lack of mucus on their bodies.

Craig and Margo had their carp gear with them and I'd brought the match set-up so of course there was talk of a mini competition remembering that those boys have two rods out at a time and we only fish a single line (rod or pole) at a time, it would be an interesting day out.

The Draw
Not so much of a draw but three swims next to each other, so pegs 25, 26 and 27. Luckily we had the winds off our backs, plus some open water and margins to target.

I opted to set-up the pole and a fee…

FAS - Lodge Pond, 21st October 2018

Lodge Pond set in the beautiful Alice Holt Forest offers the promise of some great bream sport mixed in with plenty of silvers and carp too and it happens Sunday morning turned out to be a beautiful day with bright sunshine and a little wind.

A totally new venue to me and an outing with the Farnham Angling Society guys.

The Draw
There were enough of us for two section payouts split by which bank you where on. Most people wanted the far bank, 16 through to 21 which is home to the larger bream. My home would be Peg 2, so the near bank for me with Tommy on 3 and Terry on 1 as neighbours.

Lets just say that the set-up did start that well for me, especially as I was positioning my seatbox and my sunglasses fell off my head into the murky water... 5 minutes fishing round with the landing net and I gave up. I'll grab them at the end of match by stripping off a little is what I thought. My second mistake was to leave my power kits for the pole at home! It's only one tube s…

FAS - Stockbridge Pond, 14th October 2018

It's been sometime since I've managed to get out on the bank and today was the next match in my diary. Fishing with Farnham Angling Society (FAS) at Stockbridge Pond.

The weather had been pretty bad after Storm Calum did it's thing on the country and of course it had rained overnight introducing cold water to the stream fed pond. So on arrival the water was pretty gin clear.

Fourteen of us fishing today and the draw was quickly underway after the usual discussion about which pegs to use.

The Draw 
Peg 29 would be my spot for the day over the far bank and also happened to be the end peg!

Feeder to target the centre of the lake and two pole lines at 13 metres. I did contemplate setting up the waggler and in hindsight maybe I should have. Bait consisted of maggots, caster, small tub of worms, sweetcorn, special 'G' Dark groundbait.

I decided on a double negative approach today given the rain last night and the water clarity, so I cupped in a si…

Bury Hill Fisheries, 29th August 2018

A facebook post from Hathers looking for some volunteers for the Wednesday retiree, self employed and builders match at Old Bury Hill made me put in a day of unpaid leave, its just too good a place to miss and the fishing was reportedly very good.

Arriving at the fishery it was raining and quite overcast, given our summer, rain was last thing on my mind.

The Draw
We all gathered round the cabin jostling for position.  Eventually my turn and peg 13 would be my home for the day.  Neighbours Hathers and Shedders, so plenty of friendly abuse to be had.

My initial thoughts given the wind blowing across the peg was to sack the pole and just fish the rods. Choice of rods were:
12' Bomb and tea bag clipped up at 50 metres12' Method, also clipped up at 50 metres10' Method around 20 metres I was setup very quickly and the weather was clearing so plenty of time to get the pole out and setup a line at 14metres.

Bait was mainly pellet and groundbait however I also had some casters…

Fly Fishing, 11th August 2018

A 60th birthday present for a friend turned into a boys day out for three of us at the weekend.

Graham turned sixty in May, his present, a day's fly fishing tuition with Trevor Coxon at Surrey Fly Fishing. It was a great excuse for me to also learn to chuck some fluff!  Our third member is Carl, neighbour, friend, chef and drinking buddy to us both.

A number of calls to Trevor and a few dates where booked in to the diaries and finally we settled on August at Albury Estate Fisheries.

What do you get?
Trevor outlined what we would expect of the day over the phone calls.  Our package consisted of the following:
90 minutes casting tuition2 hours guided fishingHire of all equipment As for Trevor's fishing CV, it's very impressive, he has been fly fishing for 45 years and fishing in general since he was 6.  With Trevor celebrating a very big birthday this year he has been on the bank for almost 74 years!  I'm sure Trevor doesn't mind me giving his age away as he certainl…