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Redwood Park, The Arc, 23rd January 2022

January's outing after a family outbreak of COVID so I booked myself and Patrick on the open on The Arc at Redwood Park in York. Only 6 anglers braved todays open and the ice had been broken by the fishery from pegs 14 through to 21. The Draw The golden peg drawn was 17, my home for the day was Peg 20. Set-up Given the clarity of the water I felt that the pole line for the day needed to be long rather than short. Lines: 14 - 14.5 metres full depth and a shallow rig just in case the fish came up in the water Top two and two line at the near side shelf for dripping caster in for some roach later in the day Waggler to fish past the pole line or in case the fish didnt want the pole over their heads Bomb and bread to fish the far bank in an effort to a ball of carp Bait was a mix pellets, maggots, caster, bread and F1 sweet dark groundbait.  Clarification for another reader, the hooks used were all barbless patterns as per the fishery rules on most commercial fisheries. All-In So the ma

Redwood Park, Lagoon, 30th December 2021

After a two year break, 18 months spent in New Zealand dodging Covid lockdowns, the creation of another human being, I finally got back on the bank today at Redwood Park near York. A chance to catch up with Patrick, a work colleague who is also a match angler.  Patrick has a winter silvers series coming up at Redwood Park so it proved an ideal opportunity for me to blow away the cobwebs and help sus out what methods would work on a lake Patrick had not fished before, The Lagoon . The weather was a very mild, 13 degrees C with a light wind blowing down the lake. The Draw Not actually a competition today but we decided to fish pegs 5 and 6.  I won the 50p toss and chose to fish peg 6 with Patrick on 5.  Plenty of space between the pegs. Set-up The Waggler rod was straight out of the bag to target past the pole line at multiple depths and across together with a number of pole lines as follows: Top two with a 0.4g Drennan AS4 on 0.14 line to a 0.11 bottom with a size 18 silverfish hook