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MFS - Bury Hill Fisheries, 10th May 2015

I put my name well down the reserve list for this match at Bury Hill Fishery not really expecting to get on it.  A late message from Hather's last week asking if I was available?  Of course I was, Bury Hill is a beautiful fishery and having only been here once before I was looking forward to getting back on the banks of the big lake. Arriving at the fishery it was great, as usual to see some faces I've not seen for a while, like Simon (Big Bloke) and Stuart (Squeaky Roller). Ken in the tackle shop was quick to pick up on the northern accent and the friendly banter started. The Draw Hather's wasn't fishing today as his good lady had put her foot down.  He was going to the football and then having a week at Stafford Moor.  This didn't stop him turning up and organising the draw for us all. My peg for the day would be Peg 11, a disabled platform swim which of course I would soon be ridiculed for.  Thanks to Hathers for eventually getting a picture of me after

MFS - How End Fishery, 9th May 2015

After 2 days at Withy, I was on for another double header weekend of fishing.  First day would be back to Peb's How End Fishery on Yasi's lake.  Traffic wasn't too bad and I was soon at the fishery catching up with all the lads.  Pebs was heading away for the day and Titch was in charge of the shop for the day.  He did a great job despite all the abuse from the lads! Thanks to my good mate Steve 50-50 for making me a coffee to the disgust of Neil (NS69).  "I love you Lewy", "take me for a ride in your car Lewy", "give me a hug Lewy" Neil was in full on abusive mode , but we all know it's just jealousy ;-)  Only kidding mate, we know you are getting little sleep with the new addition to the house.  So a big congratulations from me to you and Katie!  That girl deserves a medal after the 10lb bruiser she gave birth too x The Draw Peg 3 was my lucky draw for the day and my neighbours would be Ricky and Ben.  I felt this was a good draw,

MFS - Witherington Farm, 3rd May 2015

Withy 2015, day 2.  The hangers for some of us weren't too bad, although I did over sleep, but luckily there was only one minibus that had to ferry us back and forth to the fishery.  Something to do with a hippy festival at Stonehenge. Last nights theme was "Syrup Night" and there was a wide variety of new hair styles many of which suited the lads wearing them, especially Andy G! Pool night at Nickie's brother in laws pub.  I was holding the whip which lasted all night, unlike the previous night at YOYO's where we were constantly topping it up! The Draw Another well behaved rabble of lads all called to order by Andy T and Sconey.  Peg 78 on the Inner Snake came out the hat. The Set-Up Plumbing up on the far bank which seemed a great target for the large carp that live in the snake lake I found a very deep constant depth at 14 metres.  My other lines were: Margin line to the left and right 5 metre line straight ahead Bait the same as the previous

MFS - Witherington Farm, 2nd May 2015

After many hundreds of messages on a facebook group set-up with the Withy crew asking, "is it Withy yet?", along with Sconey, Andy T and Animal doing impressions,Withy 2015 is finally here! A lot of the lads got to the fishery with enough time for a bit of practice.  When I mean practice, not the angling but the drinking... by the time I arrived many cans of Stella had been consumed and also half a bottle of white stuff that had been in Ricky (Happydanglers) cupboard for about 30 years!  It was rocket fuel, bloody awful too! Andy G was giving a masterclass in how to loose carp while using Shedders gear... here is a small snippet of video . The two minibuses picked us up, back to the Kings Arms and onto the nights events, mainly at YOYO's... the pictures are at the bottom of the blog. Saturday morning came around, there were many sore heads after way too many cocktails at YOYO's.  The main culprit was a Bazooka as invented by Sconey.  Poor Ga