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Decoy Lakes, Whittlesey, 17th February 2013

As the 2012 Mark vs Mark Championship had been decided we both fancied a session to kick off the 2013 Championship at a venue we had not fished for some time, Decoy Lakes , one which we kept promising ourselves to re-visit but never got around to fishing there.  Our last session was with Bob Nudd MBE back in 2011 . Overnight had seen a snap frost which may affect the fishing.  Decoy Lakes opens at 9am, so at least I wasn't up at 5am or 6am as per the previous days...  Decoy is a busy place, even on a Sunday with quite a few matches takiing place.  Arriving at the fishing we spoke to the owner and we selected to re-fish the Elm strip lake.  As we drove down to Elm, there were to other guys fishing it, so we decided to re-fish the same pegs that we fished with Bob Nudd, so I had Peg 6 and Mark, Peg 7. The Set-up Elm's depth is pretty uniform at around 5 foot 6 inches and it does have a healthy stock of F1's, Carp, Barbel and skimmers.  So I set-up the pole and small

Lawn Farm Fisheries, Elsworth, 16th February 2013

Having an upcoming match in April with the Match Fishing Scene lads at Lawn Farm Fisheries in Cambourne, Cambridge, Mark and decided that this would be venue number two in our 2012 decider competition.  We would be fishing Honeysuckle lake which is the large snake lake at Lawn Farm and neither of us had fished it before. The pressure would be on Mark to peg back my 1-nil lead after the previous day at Hallcroft Fisheries.  We were both confident of a good day as Lawn Farm hasn't failed to produce great sport. Checking the Lawn Farm Fisheries website, the previous match in February, peg 25 produced 66lb of fish to a simple bomb and red maggot approach, so this would definitely be part of our tactics today. Mark chose peg 25 and I opted for peg 24 which would give me some open water to my left. The Set-Up After reading the previous match results, the bomb rod came out and I fixed the lightest bomb I had as the lake was only about 15m wide.  The rest of the attack would be

Diawa Hallcroft Fishery, 15th February 2013

Peg 12, ice clearing time... The first outing of 2013 after a 3 month winter break.  I'm sure I'm becoming a bit of a "butterfly" angler and only coming out in the good weather... that or I'm just getting older and feel the cold more?? Since Mark and I only had 6 outings in 2012 it's not really fair to call the years winner despite being 2 up on him overall ;-)  So we decided that a 3 day fish off would determine the Mark vs Mark 2012 Champion .  As I would be driving down from the north to Cambridge for the weekend we picked a fishery that was midway between us and find ourselves at Diawa's Hallcroft Fishery , a fishery that neither of us had any prior knowledge of. Peg 11, Bacon Buttie enjoyment! We decide to fish Canal lake and teh tackle shop mentioned that pegs 11 & 12 where fishing well.  Mark chose peg 11, missing peg 12 as it was full of ice, so I sat on the peg 12 and proceeded to clear the ice.  It was only thin so didn't take