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MFS - Lawn Farm Fisheries, Elsworth, 12th August 2017

Neil (NS69) has organised a match at Lawn Farm Fisheries in Elsworth near Cambridge, its a place I've fished quite a times with some good results.  Today we would be fishing the snake lake, Honeysuckle. Most of the lads could be found at the normal meeting place of McDonalds down the road for breakfast. The Draw 13 of us fishing today and pegging would start at peg 10 leaving a peg out until the next angler so plenty of room.  The talk on the bank was that pegs 1 to 7 hadn't been fishing well in the local matches.  My luck for the day was Peg 10, effectively the end peg and with nobody at all to my left and Neil for my neighbour. Set-Up Pole only today and it was the first outing for my new Tricast Excellence Pro.  The pole lines for the day were: 14 metres across, about 2 metres from the mud line where there was around 18 inches of water Top 2 + 2 Margin line on the left As I'd just come back from holiday I didn't have any time to organise any bait so