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GAS - Richardson Lake, 26th June 2019

Wednesday open at Richardson Lake on the Marsh Farm Complex and an opportunity to have my third fish at this lake after two previous attempts. A comment from one of the guys today will stick in my mind... Richardson Lake fishes differently every single day of the week... never a truer word!  Here is the blog of the day. The Draw 27 fishing today and I managed to get an early dip in the bag.  Peg 44 was home for the day. Fishing was 11:30am until 6pm. Set-up With the wind trucking down the lake a long pole line and waggler option looked out of the window.  It didn't stop me setting them up!  Main lines of attacker as follows: Bomb / Small cage feeder across Top Two + Three section straight ahead Top Two + Three margins left and right Baits mainly natural, maggots, casters, sweetcorn, groundbait and some pellets All-In Starting on the short line, I cupped in a small amount of groundbait with some micro pellets and went straight over the line with double maggot.

GAS - Wood Lake, Busbridge, 23rd June 2019

Fourteen of us fishing today for round two of the Godalming Summer League and it was back to Wood Lake, Busbridge. Now this venue is extremely picturesque however rumour was that the fishing had been very hard lately. The Draw Peg 24 for me today.  This peg is on the left hand bank looking from the car park at the far end of the lake. The journey with the gear on the barrow was certainly interesting!  We do carry way too much gear! Set-up The margins where screaming fish! This would be a power top two and three sections to get a good depth of around 3.5 feet depth. Two rods set-up, waggler and bomb rod. Baits on the menu, maggots, casters, sweetcorn, some worms (just in case) and the ground bait from the Bury Hill session with some micro pellets through it. All-In So the match plan was to fish the waggler shallow, pinging casters and to either go over that line with a small bomb or set the waggler at full depth.  The margin's would be fed differently, the one on

Bury Hill Fisheries, 21st June 2019

Back to the Lake of Breams that is Old Bury Hill, the main lake and a match that Hathers had organised for the OBH Lovers and serving as a practise for the Wednesday series that he runs. Bury Hill is a beautiful fishery and the weather was being very kind also. I'd popped down a few days earlier when Hathers was having a practise for the practise session and learnt quite a lot from him, Mickey D and Ricky Baxter. The Draw The draw finally got under way after Hathers realised that Mickey D wasn't fishing today.  Fourteen of us spread across pegs 1-20 with the higher number pegs the ones people wanted.  My draw for today, unlucky for some, peg 13. Now I've been to peg 13 last time I fished in August last year, you can find that article here... Neighbour for the day was Silvers. Set-up I have the end of the big island in front of me which of course is a natural draw for fish so I set up two 13 foot rods as follows, both clipped up at 65, 70 and 75 metres: 1.5

GAS - Richardson Lake, 16th June 2019

Sunday match this week I opted to head back to Richardson Lake with Godalming Angling Society (GAS) who were sharing the lake with the Farnham Match Group (FMG). A quick call to the match secretary and I was in.  Turns out that 36 of us would be fishing. The Draw Drawing was split between GAS and FMG and ordered by the time you booked on.  I was second last on our list however Peg 10 came out for me. Not a bad draw and one peg from the area that everyone was fancying! Set-up Waggler and Bomb rod straight out of the bag to target the far bank which is just beyond pole range. Pole Lines were: 14.5 Metres to the left side of the peg Top 2 + 2 margin lines left and right Top 2 + 1 keep net line Bait consisted of maggot, caster, worm, sweetcorn and some expander pellets.  Groundbait was Supercrush Green. All-In The decision from the off was to take the negative approach and with that I potted in two balls of ground bait was a smattering of casters on the long pole li

GAS - Harris Lake, 2nd June 2019

Another match with Godalming Angling Society at another one of their waters in the Marsh Farm Complex. Today I'm fishing Harris Lake, lake which is renowned for its large tench and crucian carp. The Draw Early start, 8:30am draw fishing 10:30am to 3:30pm which is a little early for a summer match to be quite honest. Peg 27 came out of the bag for me... one of the longest walks from the car park however as I'm on a fitness regime at the moment something to get the heart pounding. Neighbours to my right, Henry and Paul. Set-up The weather was bright and sunny and very little ripple on the water however I decided to target the far bank with a feeder / bomb approach rather than the method. Pole Lines to target the lily pads on my right, 13 metres into the white water and a short top 3 plus 2 line to my left. Bait was mostly a natural selection with some expanders thrown in just incase.  I also had some sweetcorn that I had liquidised which would be to generate a c

GAS - Richardson Lake, 29th May 2019

A chance to fish the Wednesday match with Godalming Angling Society on a new lake to me, Richardson Lake. The weather wasn't looking the best today with rain predicted, little did I know it was going to rain all day long and soak all the gear. The Draw Peg 7, near to the Apollo tackle shop came out of the bag for me. Set-up With the wind blowing down the lake I didn't feel it would be a waggler day however I set-up a waggler and also a bomb to fish the waggler line too. Pole lines were: 13 metres at 10 o'clock and 1 o'clock Top 2 and 3 straight ahead Margin lines left and right Bait was a mix between natural (maggot, caster, worms) and pellets which would be fished on separate lines. All-In Kicking off the swims I put a small ball of sloppy groundbait with casters on the 10 o'clock line and some 4 mm pellets on the other long pole line.  The rain then started. I decided to try the waggler, pinging casters over the top until the wind got so ba