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MFS - Lakeside Fishery, 26th January 2014

The first match of 2014 and its the MFS Champions League match at Lakeside Fishery .  I was looking forward to seeing the usual suspects at this match particularly as some of the 'characters' were here today... aka Pikey, 76 Trombones, Shedders and Colbrad to mention a few!  18 of us were fishing and the weather wasn't looking the best.  Hey Ho, I'm back on the bank so not too bothered. Finding the fishery was pretty simple, providing you put the right location into the SATNAV eh Ron? ;-)  I made a bit of a boob by leaving my trolley handles back at the flat car park.  I must have reversed over them and not noticed.  So it could be a number of walks around the lake with my gear. The Draw Carl used his girlie shopping bag, the monies where paid by everyone and the draw started.  My dip into the bag produced peg 7 which lucky for me was close to the car, but unlucky for me, the wind was blowing at me and across me... it would be a cold day ahead. The Set-Up The