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Talk Angling - Sumner Match Lake, 10th August 2013

When I moved back to London, Jim invited me to join the Talk Angling lads for a match at Sumners Fishery on the Match Lake so I jumped at the chance to try a new fishery. The match lake is renowned for throwing up large weights in matches with the potential of 400lb bags. I did a bit of research on the lake and asked a John Rhodes what the craic was.  Targeting the carp was going to be the main approach with pellet, meat and corn all successful hook baits. Only 50 miles south of London it took around 90 minutes to arrive and meet up with the lads.  It was great to see some familiar faces and the bacon buttie and cup of tea was a welcome breakfast.  There are three lakes at Sumners and plenty of campers onsite. Very clean and in the middle of a small village, lack of phone signal was the only problem, some may say that's a blessing in disguise! The Draw A couple of stragglers turned up late, you know I'm talking about you Mr Rhodes and the draw was underway.  I pulled

MFS - How End Fishery, 4th August 2013

The final day of the MFS vs How End 2 dayer.  After a fabulous night at Peb’s and Tarnya’s place and a great sleep in the caravan I woke up with not too much of a hangover.  Apologies to Nick D for my snoring during the night, I did warn you mate ;-)  Right, time to fix the top section where the elastic parted company with the Dacron connector and to get the gear out of the car ready for the days fishing.  It was a lot warming this morning and I’d be fishing on Yasi’s today after drawing on Dani’s yesterday. The Draw I’ve fished Yasi’s quite a few times and with the massive weights that came out of it yesterday I was looking forward to a good draw and I wouldn’t be disappointed.  Peg 13 came out of the hat, a peg that is known as the Barbel peg.  The Set-Up After a quick chat with Pete Bailey (of twisted knee fame) he gave me some great pointers about fishing just down margin shelf.  So I set up the following two rigs: Edge of the far shelf at around 13m Edge of the

MFS - How End Fishery, 3rd August 2013

Day 1 of a two day event at Peb’s place, How End Fishery.  This weekend would see a clash of titans… MFS vs How End, although the team selection did look like it had been rigged a little ;-) How End fishery is coming on leaps and bounds with the fish getting larger and the weights steadily increasing.  This is no carp puddle, rather a well thought out venue created by a match angler who is passionate about fishing, fish and creating a great fishery.  Peb’s also has a great family who are very supportive, with Tarnya and the kids.  This two day event is a bit special as all of the lads are staying overnight at the fishery, in tents, caravan’s and sleeping in cars.  Based on last year’s events I couldn’t miss it!  Promised for later, after fishing we have a BBQ, Football and Basketball challenges as well as the obligatory beer, or three! The Draw So all of Dani’s and Yasi’s pegs would be in one bag.  Whichever lake you drew on today, you would be fishing the other lake tomor