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Fly Fishing, 11th August 2018

A 60th birthday present for a friend turned into a boys day out for three of us at the weekend. Graham turned sixty in May, his present, a day's fly fishing tuition with Trevor Coxon at Surrey Fly Fishing . It was a great excuse for me to also learn to chuck some fluff!  Our third member is Carl, neighbour, friend, chef and drinking buddy to us both. A number of calls to Trevor and a few dates where booked in to the diaries and finally we settled on August at Albury Estate Fisheries . What do you get? Trevor outlined what we would expect of the day over the phone calls.  Our package consisted of the following: 90 minutes casting tuition 2 hours guided fishing Hire of all equipment As for Trevor's fishing CV, it's very impressive, he has been fly fishing for 45 years and fishing in general since he was 6.  With Trevor celebrating a very big birthday this year he has been on the bank for almost 74 years!  I'm sure Trevor doesn't mind me giving his age

How End Fishery - 2 Dayer, 5th August 2018

After a great nights entertainment consisting of beer, bbq and many laughs, mainly at Mr James around the table and a night on the sofa I was up early for another day at How End.  Breakfast was a quick run to the village shop to stock up on provisions and most importantly water! Remember Darren to check the bottle of gin to see whether it's neat or premixed... here end the lesson. Today I'd be on Yasi's and to be honest a lake I enjoy more than Dani's.  The weights on Yasi's yesterday had been quite up and down and one area that I didn't want to end up on was peg 1. The Draw Third last out of the drawbag and I just knew that I was getting Peg 1, not really where I wanted to be if I'm brutally honest however today Pebs had repegged the match as one of the lads had to head home.  Peg 1 it turned out now had a free peg either side of it. Set-up No rods, all pole and a different choice of bait today.  So the lines where quite simple. Shallow rig R

How End Fishery - 2 Dayer, 4th August 2018

2 years have past since I last fished the 2 Dayer at Phil and Tarnya's place, How End Fisheries. I was certainly looking forward to the weekend after reading about the every increasing weights coming out of both Yasi's and Dani's lakes. Random draw for partners this weekend however that would be after the main draw had taken place.  As the lakes where closed for the weekend fishing was 1130-1730 and the sun was beating down on us. Plenty of banter in the club house and great to catch up with some old friends and meet some new ones too. The Draw The big red bag produced Dani's Peg 18 today which was a very good draw according to the locals. Plenty of local knowledge to help out too especially as it had been sometime since I was fishing a match here.  The best advice from Darren James, aka "Parker" to Lady Carla. Neighbour for the day would be the lovely Kathy and we would be the only two on this side of Dani's. Set-up I'd been given som