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MFS - Hillbilly Pairs, The Glebe, 23rd June 2017

Day 2 after a quiet curry night in Bosworth with Herbie, Daddy May, Colin and Rolly.  We did arrive at the Glebe and got the appropriate abuse for not visiting the lads at the Longshoot. Glen was telling everyone the story of the multiple coach roaches in his room.  "I know the place is a sh*thole, but this is just too much" he told the night porter.  The Longshoot isn't the nicest place to stay however the craic in the bar with the lads is fantastic! The Draw So today I'd be drawing for a peg on Pool 4, 5, 6 or 7.  After my experience at the Glebe with Pool 4, it was the last place that anyone wanted! Hand goes into the bowl and yes, you've guessed it, Pool 4!!! but peg 66 in the corner.  Company on Pool 4 would be Pikey, Pete Bailey, Shaur, Drawbag and Kenfish. Set-Up Corner peg so the left hand bank would be targeted at multiple locations. Other pole lines were at 5 metres and I also set-up a shallow rig just in case. The feeder rod was also set-u

MFS - HillBilly Pairs, The Glebe, 22nd June 2017

The first time I'd fished the Hillbilly Pairs which is very generously sponsored by Neil of HillBilly Floats.  Check out his webpage for some fantastic hand made floats. The event takes place over two days and you are drawn a random partner.  The might of the MFS massive were all gathered at the Glebe.  On the other hand, I was late as my journey there was a bit more interesting with a tyre pressure warning light telling me my back right tyre was down on pressure.  A quick pit stop to the garage to fill it back up and I was at the fishery. The Draw Organised by Mr Andy Kinder and the lovely Sarah, the first name out of the hat would be fishing on Pool 1, the next name would then be your partner and they would be drawing for Pools 4, 5, 6 or 7. My name came out the hat and my Pool 1 draw was peg 14.  Steve Wynn (SWB) was next out the hat so had the unfortunate pleasure of being my partner... Set-Up The weather during the run up to the e

MFS - Barston Lakes, Solihull, 11th June 2017

Back to Barston Lakes for a MFS Champion's League match, a good opportunity to get some practise in for the Match winners final later this year. The Draw I got a call from Pat 10 minutes before the draw asking if I was heading to the fishery.  I was almost in the car park when he called.  As JC said, I'm normally one of the first one there, today I was only one mile from the fishery yet I was one of the last one to arrive.  Sorry guys.  Anyway, Peg 73 was home for the day, luckily peg 74 was a redraw as one of the lads hadn't turned up so I had a lovely end peg all to myself. Neighbours for the day were Big Ron on 72 and Daddy May across the bank. Set-Up The wind was right in my face so I broke out the method and bomb rod.  I wasn't planning on fishing long as when I'd arrive at the peg I could see some skimmers topping not to far out. Pole line would only be a short line due to the wind so I set up top 2 +3 sections straight ahead with a 1.0g rig.  I al