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Redwood Park, Lagoon, 30th December 2021

After a two year break, 18 months spent in New Zealand dodging Covid lockdowns, the creation of another human being, I finally got back on the bank today at Redwood Park near York. A chance to catch up with Patrick, a work colleague who is also a match angler.  Patrick has a winter silvers series coming up at Redwood Park so it proved an ideal opportunity for me to blow away the cobwebs and help sus out what methods would work on a lake Patrick had not fished before, The Lagoon . The weather was a very mild, 13 degrees C with a light wind blowing down the lake. The Draw Not actually a competition today but we decided to fish pegs 5 and 6.  I won the 50p toss and chose to fish peg 6 with Patrick on 5.  Plenty of space between the pegs. Set-up The Waggler rod was straight out of the bag to target past the pole line at multiple depths and across together with a number of pole lines as follows: Top two with a 0.4g Drennan AS4 on 0.14 line to a 0.11 bottom with a size 18 silverfish hook