About Me

Ever since my Dad bought me a Fishing kit from Woolworth's in Thornaby when I was 11 years old and catching my first fish, a nice tench from Fairy Dell in Coulby Newham I've been "hooked" (excuse the pun) on fishing...

I had the typical break when pubs, cars and ladies became that bit more important and after spending 11 years in Perth, Western Australia, I found myself back in the UK.

So I took the opportunity to get back into angling, mainly due to my mate Mark Keightley (thanks mucker). This is a blog of all my fishing trips.  I hope you enjoy your stay.

What do I do when not fishing?  Well, I work as an Engineering Information Manager within the Oil, Gas and Chemical sectors, mainly LNG (onshore and floating)

Tight Lines,


2019 update - I've been in New Zealand since the end of 2019 and have mainly avoided this nasty virus... Where in the world will I be next?  Who knows?  In the meantime Kayak fishing is the order of the day!

2021 update - back in Blighty with some ankle biters so fishing is taking a back seat for the moment.

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