Keep It Simple Stupid...

In the coarse fishing world the choice of terminal tackle is mind boggling and simplifying your tackle selection is the key to getting the most out of your prep time and time on the bank.

In order to help others, here are my choices and the reasons why...

Pole Floats
In order to cover Carp, F1's, Silvers, depths from 1 foot to 5 feet plus.... both summer and winter style.  I've selected the following float styles:
So a total of 5 types of float style, although there remains many different choices of float manufacturers as outlined above.

Drennan AS2 - Carp
Drennan AS3 - Silvers and F1

Drennan Carp 4 - Margin

Drennan AS4 - Shallow

Drennan Crystal Dibbers - Dobbing

I've used Shimano Aspire Silk Shock since taking up fishing again and it has served me well.  Currently in my tackle box and tackle cupboard at home I have the following spools of line... 0.10 through to 0.22.  That is 8 spools of line giving me lots of options... too many options!

So, in line with my Pole Float rigs above, this is how I've rationalised:
  • Margin Rigs - 0.20
  • Carp Rigs - 0.18
  • Deep Rigs - 0.16
  • Silvers/F1 Rigs - 0.14
Hooklengths - The advent of ready tied hooklengths by Guru, Drennan and some individuals who advertise on facebook I no longer tie my own... simply order what I need and the majority are to 6 inches.

From 8 spools, I've rationalised down to 4 line choices.

There are loads of hooks on the market, here are my choices:
  • Guru LWG Spade - for all carp hook lengths
  • Guru QM1 - for all method rigs that need banding or quickstops
  • Guru MWG - for pellet waggler work
  • Kamasan B911 F1 Wide Gap - for silvers/F1
  • Gamakatsu Gamma Green - for winter silvers

In total now I carry:
  • 5 types of float patterns
  • 4 choices of line
  • 5 choices of hooks
This now makes it easier to select the right rig for the venues I fish, not confuse myself with hook options... finally it makes it simple for me to keep my home preparation activities in a "little and often" approach.

I hope this helps you to rationalise your kit.



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