Line Diameter vs Breaking Strain

One of the first things I noticed has changed is some of the language used in angling... I was used to breaking strain and modern day anglers refer to the lines they use in diameters, which to start with is quite confusing.

So, to help understand each line's true strength here a list showing the most commonly used line diameters and their average relative breaking strains... courtesy of

Line diameter - Average breaking strain

0.06mm - 12oz
0.07mm - 1lb 2oz
0.08mm - 1lb 12oz 
0.09mm - 2lb
0.10mm - 2lb 6oz
0.11mm - 2lb 14oz 
0.12mm - 3lb 4oz
0.14mm - 4lb 12oz
0.16mm - 5lb 10oz
0.18mm - 6lb 8oz
0.20mm - 7lb 12oz
0.22mm - 9lb
0.24mm - 10lb 4oz
0.26mm - 11lb 6oz 


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