Connor Whipp Charity Match, The Glebe, Leicestershire, 26th June 2012

Brian Green, Proper Tidal Boy on Match Fishing Scene had organised a charity match for his nephew, Connor Whipp who has neuroblastoma a form of childhood cancer.  The venue was Roy Marlow's Glebe complex in Leicestershire

But first a little about Connor.  Connor is 4 years old who loves Captain America.  In fact the treatment Connor needs is based in America and family and friends are on a mission to raise £250,000.  Connor's favourite super hero, Captain America is going to help him beat his illness.  If you would like to donate to Connor's appeal, please donate at this website:

The Night Before...
A little tired after the previous night
I decided late on the Sunday night to travel down to the infamous Longshoot hotel for some craic with the lads as I thought it would be better than having to get up really early on Monday morning and battle the thousands of commuters from Teesside to Leicester.

Pulling in at the carpark around 9pm I was greeted by a suspicious looking crowd of lads who can only be described as top lads!

The england match was on, so spirits were high, so was the amount of drinking!!!  After England lost, more alcohol was required to drown our sorrows... I made it to bed for 3:30am, so much for a nice relaxed evening and easy drive to the Glebe!

Peg 86... Flyer... for some ;-)
The Draw
Having missed breakfast and managing to get to the Glebe in my tender state more and more friendly faces turned up for the Draw.  The banter was as usual brilliant!  Chris (76Trombones) was also suffering as you can see... above!

My hand pulled out peg 86 on Lake 6 (I think), which apparently is a bit of a flyer... well good luck to me today in my tender state!

The Setup
Arriving at the peg there was a large ball of carp between myself and Doddy over by the far bank.  So here is my set-up:
  • Feeder for the far bank
  • 3SSG Puddle chucker waggler to fish shallow
  • Pole at 12 metres straight ahead
  • Pole at 5, 8, 12 and 14 metres up the margin on my right
The All-In
Pea hookbait
We had plenty of time to set-up but my head was banging and I was ready with 10 minutes to spare.  I cupped in on my 5 and 12 metre margin line some corn and a couple of peas!  Yes, you read right tinned peas... more on this later.  I also cupped in some 4 and 6mm pellets on the 12 metre line directly ahead.

Chucking the feeder over to the far bank with a banded 6mm pellet I started to ping pellets over the line to see if I could get some fish to come up in the water.

As is typical of the Glebe fishery, it didn't take long for the tip to fly round and within the first hour I had 6 carp in the net.  A quick break to top up the pole lines and I went back on the feeder for another 30 minutes, this time with dead red on the hook.  The sport was consistent, but I lost a large fish which made a run close to the net and, ping, hook length broken!

Going out on the 12 metre line in front, all was quite as were the margin swims, so back onto the feeder.

Fish were coming but the sport had backed off somewhat.  It was a lovely sunny day, so I decided to try the pellet waggler line, a fruitless 30 minutes later I gave up on that choice although there is something satisfactory about cast a waggler to the far bank...

I went out on the pole again and managed to grab a few silvers out in front, so another look at the margin line was required...  The fish started to come, at last with 90 minutes left to run on the match.

As in fishing, we tend not to try new things as often as we should, but this time I had bought a tin of peas and had been feeding a couple in the margins, time to give it a go.  So hooking it on a size 16 wide gap hook I lowered the rig in and the float buried in no time and it was a better quality fish...  I took 10 fish on the good old pea, just goes to show that carp will really eat anything!

The Result
I weigh in 45lb-12oz, nowhere in my section!

Peg 1 Justin Case 105-12-0 
Peg 2 D Smart 60-12-0
Peg 4 Mike B 69-0-0
Peg 5 MAP Mike 81-4-0
Peg 7 Ian Simpson 43-8-0
Peg 8 Ben Ford 43-8-0
Peg 10 Fordy 46-8-0

Peg 11 Ross N 37-12-0
Peg 13 J Gran 83-6-0
Peg 14 Pete Bailey 95-4-0
Peg 16 Paul Robinson 63-4-0
Peg 17 76 Trombones DNW
Peg 19 Tonkin Tommy 59-6-0
Peg 20 Bob P 88-8-0

Peg 22 Pikey 76-0-0
Peg 23 Rob Austin 187-8-0
Peg 25 Fish 2 DNW
Peg26 Mark M 125-12-0
Peg 28 Happy Dangler 61-10-0
Peg 30 Jamie Pickup 89-0-0

Peg 86 Lewy 45-12-0
Peg 87 Doddy 29-8-0
Peg 89 Greenie 63-8-0
Peg 91 Red Army 113-6-0
Peg 93 Steve Brew 75-8-0
Peg 95 Winkledean 58-0-0
Peg 97 Colbrad 62-8-0

Peg 98 Lummox 113-11-0
Peg 99 Nick Mossop 70-12-0
Peg 101 Haisman 53-15-0
Peg 102 Rob Dickinson 68-4-0
Peg 104 Hillbilly 72-6-0
Peg 105 Heeerrrrbbbieeee DNW
Peg 107 Luke Dodd 39-4-0
Peg 109 Tony Billington 116-14-0


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