MFS - Glebe Pairs, 6th June 2014

Two days of fishing with 60 of the Match Fishing Scene lads, what a way to spend two days!  I arrived on the Thursday night at the infamous Longshoot, a quick pint with Sconey, Red Army, Neilo, Pete Bailey and the other lads before grabbing a taxi to a curry house near the Glebe to see "Mr Dwarf", "Mr Thin", Steve 50/50 ('cause I can never make up my mind) and Neil (please Katie, stop calling me for baby making duties).

A great night was had by all, most notably myself and Pete Bailey, er, discussing, not arguing about which Range Rover (Sport or Full fat) or Audi gets the most fishing gear in!  With great food and plenty of wine the hanger was going to hurt the next day especially once we got back to the Longshoot we ended up back in the bar...

The next morning arrived and there were a couple of people still in their beds, mentioning no names eh Pete ;-)  A Longshoot breakfast, copious amounts of toast and coffee and off to the fishery.

It was great to see so many of the lads and some new faces.  The banter was in full flow before I'd even got out of the car.

The Draw
Today's draw had a "special" guest in the form of Snooty Fox.  The first draw was for your pairing.  I was paired with Pete Merce whom I immediately apologised too ;-)  As I was first out of the bag my draw would be on Pool 1.  Peg 9 came out of the bag.  My neighbours were Churchy and Slider.

In the section were Andy Kinder, Slider, Me, Churchy, Daddy May and Hathers... section of death Hather muttered!

The Set-Up
Peg 9 is on the bend of Pool 1.  The feeder chuck across wasn't to any boards but to a clump of reeds... this will be fun I thought to myself!  Pole lines were:
  • 15-16 metre shallow and full depth
  • 5 metre line
  • Margin to my right
Bait was simple, Sweetcorn, 6mm and 4mm pellets, dampened micro's, dead reds and groundbait.

The All-In
I potted in some corn on the 5 metre line and went out on the feeder.  While waiting for the feeder line I was pinging 4mm pellets over the 15-16 metre line as the fish were clearly shallow.  1 hour passed by very quickly and I only had 1 fish in the net casting the feeder every 5-7 minutes.

Slider was catching on the shallow line, so I decided to try the same line... nothing.  Churchy was also struggling.  A quick look on the 5 metre line produced nothing either so back on the feeder it was to be.  I was finding that I had to cast to a gap in the reeds to have any chance of fish as other areas I was bringing back debris on the hook and the feeder.  The gap started to produce fish but nothing regular.

Hour 3 saw around 15lb on the counter.  I lost a lovely ghost carp at the net so I decided to go back on the 5 metre line.  I was getting signs of fish but the fish were not playing ball.

The next few hours saw me chopping and changing between 5 metre line, 16 metre line and feeder.  I decided to prime the margins with some groundbait to see if I could get any of the lakes bigger fish out to boost my very pitiful weight.

With 30 minutes left I managed to hook a few fish from the margins but they were not of the larger stamp that I had hoped for.  With 15 minutes left, one of the lads, Nobbies was fishing the pole in the margins, he turned to get something and a fish took his bait and pole with it.  Top 5 sections bobbing around to the middle of the lake and then coming across to me.

Daddy May tried to retrieve it with his feeder rod with no success, so with 10 minutes left I asked the lads if I could go in for it, they agreed so I stripped off and swam across and grabbed the pole before it sank out of sight.

The all-out came and I knew that I'd had a bad day on the bank!

The Result
30lb, last in section... sorry Pete!

Comments afterwards the lads said that Pegs 8, 9 and 10 were pretty poor feeder pegs.  I now understood why.  A pretty crap day on the bank, but at least the weather was kind!

The day of disaster was not over for me just yet... Heading back to the Longshoot I was trying to catch up Tonkin Tommy in the car and put my foot down.  I hadn't secured my groundbait bucket and it went flying, result, groundbait and micro pellets all over the back of the car.  This was not the end of this little saga, you'll find out more in tomorrows blog!

More Pictures...


Daddy May

Hathers, nice pose

Slider, aka Mr Shallow

Andy and Sarah

Pikey not wanting to be photographed

Please, no pictures....


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