Lawn Farm Fisheries, Elsworth, 20th February 2011

Although Manor Farm in Biggleswade could be classed as a commercial fishery, the lakes we fished were a lot bigger and more natural in appearance.

A fishery that my mate Mark had heard a lot about was Lawn Farm Fisheries near Cambourne, Cambridge, which is more like your typical commercial fishery.

Mark and I flip a coin for swim choice, I win and pick the swim indicated on the map.  We fished Cherry Tree lake, the smaller lake on the right handside.

Mark picks the swim to my right, we do like our sociable fishing and mickey taking, so here are our two respective swims in a bit more detail..

I decide to again use the pole as I can reach the island and the ledge.  In fact since buying the pole I hardly ever get the waggler rod out, which I must sort out as I do miss launching a float with a rod and reel.

Baits for the day, hemp as feed, micro pellet, white and red maggots, corn and new to me, banded pellets.

Mark's swim to the right of me took advantage of the island to, but allowed him a little more open water.  This was the first outing for his new rod, a Daiwa SR4 Waggler, same bait options.

The Session
Well I never expected to be so busy in just one day... both Mark and I started catching from the off.

Feeding hemp and micro pellet, Mark soon discovered that double white maggot was the killer bait that day, makes a change from double red!

Roach were coming to the net on a very regular basis and then the chub started.  No sooner had I shipped the pole out, settled the float, it was gone and another nice, but lean chub came to the net.

As Mark had never fished the pole, we swapped places for a couple of fish to give him a taster of the pole, one which I'm sure he enjoyed but did comment that it wasn't as easy as it looks!

I caught a nice chub on Mark's new Daiwa SR4.  Lovely action, slim blank and you feel every shake of the fishes head, a great piece of kit, what you expect from Diawa.

It was so busy I only managed to grab two cups of coffee from the flask!!

Towards the end of the day finally the F1's and Carp started to come out and I netted an F1 and a lovely small Mirror Carp.

We estimated that we had around 50-60lb of fish each.  Interestingly, other anglers on the lake weren't catching at the rate we were all day.  Those other anglers opted to fish the feeder or method feeder.  It's probably the best day I've had fishing!

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