Weston Lakes, Peakirk, 19th March 2011

For Satuday, Mark and I decided to try Weston Lakes just outside Peakirk in Peterborough.

We arrived at around first light, but had difficulty finding the lake.  Turns out it is behind a large house on Thorney Road, just as your leaving the village of Peakirk, indicated by the red circle. 

What a great looking lake/large pond, would love to have this behind my house.

We fished adjacent swims indicate on the map.  My swim had an underwater hazard of a lilly bed which wasn't showing yet!!!

Approach for the day for me was pole, Mark went for waggler and method feeder.

It was a beautiful day and the big winter jackets came off, I even got a bit of sun burn to boot.  I never took the camera out which was a mistake, sorry.

Very early in the session I opted to use Daiwa Hydro Blue (5-8 rating)... big mistake!  I hooked a couple of roach on pellet and then the float buried and I was into something decent.  This is where my lack of local knowledge and the submerged lilly bed came into play.

The elastic was streaming out of the pole and before I knew it I was snagged.  Trying to retrieve the rig the elastic broke... it was only then that the local angler next to me warned me of the hazard and to up the elastic.

So, I brought out some Daiwa Hydro White (6-10 rating) set up and plumbed a new rig.

Next bite another large fish was away, this time I was able to control it a lot easier, the way the day was panning out this would be a great day!  Managed to bring the fish to the top 2 on the pole and use the pulla bung to good effect.  First sight of the fish and opportunity to net it revealed a lovely Mirror Carp of what look like a 10lb fish... Missed with the net and off the fish went again...  a few more minutes, the elastic was doing its job, but unfortunately the hook pulled... ;-(

So, how was the rest of the day?  Well my swim took a turn for the worse and I ended with more roach and no more carp.

Mark on the other hand had decided to put his waggler very close in to a set of reeds on his left, he pulled out some large skimmers and a couple of carp, so the win went to him.

Interestingly, the local next to me was fishing paste very close in and right in the branches of a tree in the corner of the swim.  Using heavy red elastic he was pulling out carp after carp after carp, although he lost a few he bagged up that day.

Great fishery, lovely owner who spent about 10 minutes chatting away to us both.  I'll definitely be back!


Anonymous said…
I'm off to westons tomorrow, I fish here regularly and the owner is a great guy, never ignores you and gives great tips where to fish, (always works). It has a tackle shop which is stocked with everything you will need, just ring the bell on the side of the house if no one is about and some one will come and let you into the shop, (no hard sell neither ).
There is also a very clean toilet on site just down the right hand side of the shop.
If anyone is looking for a great days leisure fishing this is the place to go.

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