Lawn Farm Fisheries, Elsworth, 2nd April 2011

Second visit to Lawn Farm Fisheries.  After reviewing the match results Mark and I decided to fish Cherry Tree lake that we had fished before, but different swims.

Basically another action packed day.  This fishery is alive with chub, carp and roach.  Mark managed to winkle out the better quality carp by fishing tight to the island with a feeder, while my session consisted of two decent carp and the rest chub and roach.

The weather was really good, cold start, but it soon warmed up.

All baits were catching, dead maggots, worm, pellets and hair rigged paste.

I started on the pole and Mark on the waggler.  We both soon switched to the feeder as the bites were fast and furious.  It was that mad that we even had fish on before the feeder had chance to settle.  It's an amazing feeling to cast the feeder out and as the rod tip is submerged to sink the line the tip just pulls round... fish on!

Again it seemed as if we were dominating the pond, with other anglers catching, but not at the same rate.

We both thought it was our feeding.  We were feeding to the bites and after every fish.

By the end of the day, there was a young lad who was fishing close in on the pole for roach.  He got some really decent fish and then the carp moved in.  Light pole, plus light elastic meant that the carp gave him the run around.  He was lifting his pole to try and tame the fish and of course the inevitable happened... crack and his number 4 section broke.

This didn't discourage him and he landed 4 carp all to about 7lb.

So, another great day, but Mark edged me out with the consistant carp, so another point to Mark, stretching his "lead" in our friendly competition by 1 point.  I needed to do well the next day at Rookery waters!

Those who fish and read this blog, I cannot recommend this fisheries enough.  The owner is a lovely guy and the fishing is brilliant fun.

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