Lawn Farm Fisheries, Elsworth, 7th May 2011

Friday night saw thunderstorms and rain in the Cambridge region which affected the weekends fishing.  Saturday saw a re-visit to Lawn Farm Fisheries but this time Mark and I decided to fish Willows, the larger lake in the complex.

Willows contains larger Carp and on a previous session Mark had bagged some cracking Carp up to 12lb.  I chose Peg 35 which gave me the option of fishing to the island and also the point of the island, Mark fished Peg 36 to my left.

I decided to set up a method feeder and pellet waggler.  I also mixed some groundbait with hemp, corn and a pint of dead maggots.  I also prepared some micro pellets.  Bait for the day was banded pellets, gotbaits ghost hookers, hair rigged corn, worm and dead maggots.

The session - it started well with a nice 5lb common carp.  The bite came just as the rain started to come down, so playing the fish I got a good soaking, much to the amusement of Mark who was happy sat under his brolly on the next peg.  But it was me who was to have the last laugh ;-) Especially after the next fish was a lovely 7.5lb Mirror Carp!

Mark's catches consisted of skimmers and roach, but no carp yet...

The fishing was certainly slow, a lot slower than expected at Lawn Farm, so the weather did have a negative effect.

I managed another nice carp to 7lb, meantime, Mark had got into the Chub and finally managed to bag an F1.  He conceded the day and I managed to win the point, tying our "friendly" competition between us... so I could even it out at How End Fishery on Sunday...

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