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In the latest edition of Pole Fishing Magazine and Match Fishing Magazine  both Jon Arthur and Alex Bones have asked for guest blogger submittals, so I sent Jon Arthur a quick email.

Jon picked out a summary I had made about why Gold Valley matches where successful and posted it as guest blog up on Pole Fishing Magazine, here:


Tips to improve this blog
Jon Arthur gave me some great feedback, so future blogs will contain more anecdotal information such as strange, interesting and unusual things that happened on the day with some more interjections of humour to turn each blog entry from a diary of what happened on the the day into a story about the day.

More explanation around why I chose to fish a certain way rather than what I actually did on the day, for example why did I choose maggots, why did I switch to the feeder, why did I choose a particular brand of groundbait and further opinions on tackle, anglers and tactics.

I'll continue with the conclusion on the day and also list of tackle used on the day.

Thanks for the tips Jon!



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