MFS - Munkees vs Shandies, The Glebe, 12th September 2014

Roy's Kitchen window and chickens were in trouble today!
Considering we didn’t get to bed late I felt surprisingly good this morning and met Sconey, Big Ron and Dave Swain for breakfast. A late draw certainly helped! Thanks Sconey…

All the lads had gathered in the Marquee and today would be the pairs. Sconey and Myself were recreating the epic battle we had with Hathers and Pikey last year. That ended in a halved point, what would be the result this year. My confidence was high.

The Draw
We drew on Pool 1 again, pegs, 5, 6, 7 and 8. Peg 6 would be my home for the day. It looked like the ideal feeder peg with boards across between two clumps of reeds.

The Set-Up
The feeder rod was the first to come out of the bag. I also set up the 5 metre and the margin to my left.

Bait again, casters, micros, dead reds, worms, corn and hemp.

The All-In
Straight across on the feeder, but my cast was a little out. The wind was up but I could adjust for that. After 6 casts I managed to get on the boards and hook my first fish of the day. I would stay on the feeder for the first couple of hours of the match. In that time I managed to cast all over the place and only get on target a couple of times. Of course Pikey’s banter about my casting was reliably funny… “almost on target Lewy!”

I put a couple of casts into the reeds and Pikey called out, “watch out for Roy’s kitchen window!”… cheeky shandy!

I’d been priming the 5 metre line with a small amount of corn and hemp. I decided to give it a go after my poor casting show and very little fish from the feeder line. First put in, fish, great I thought, that was on a 8mm expander pellet. Next put in, nothing…. nothing, then nothing… Trying corn, expander, worm, dead reds… nothing…

Around 2pm I thought I’d have a cheeky look in the margins, double worm on the hook, the float buries and the result a small perch… wonderful.

Back on the 5 metre line, tench… then, yep, you’ve guessed it, nothing. So out comes the feeder rod again and this is where the match started to go horribly wrong. Casting out, right on target, the centre of the boards but I heard a horrible sound of “looped line” going through the rings when I cast. Tip goes round, bringing the fish back in I can see there is a nasty birds nest midway up the line which would not through the eye of the tip… bollocks!

Hand lining the fish in, a small but angry ghost carp popped up, about to net it, the line slackens and the fish is gone!

Re-rigging the feeder rod after cutting the line I had to re-clip up. The first couple of casts, in the reeds… oh today was not fun…

Abandoning the feeder, I decided to try shallow as I had noticed Hathers next to me had been catching shallow at around 13 metres. So I grabbed a top kit with white hydro in it and quickly put a shallow rig on with worm head hookbait. Pinging casters I was quickly into a good fish, in the net, yes, maybe I could turn the match around…

Next fish, another decent one took me under the tree to my left and snagged the rig. I ended up loosing the fish and the hook. A new hook tied on, out again, next shallow fish straight across to Hathers peg and under the tree, this time I lost the lot, dacron connector included which meant the elastic fired back up the top kit.

I had re-elasticed the top kit, put on a new rig and went out again.. next fish. the shallow line was working… I start to strip the pulla but noticed that elastic had caught between the pulla bung and the pole wall… hand lined this fish in too which I landed…

New top kit out of the bag, back shallow, next fish… tree to my left, rig gone…

The peg was fizzing where I’d been fishing shallow, so I exchanged the feeder for a small bomb and dropped a worm over the fizzing action, carp on… but the clock was ticking down, I was glad to hear the all out.

The Result
45lb and last in the pairs…. Luckily Sconey topped the 4 of us and we ended up halving the point with Hathers and Pikey once again.

Steve 50-50 managed to get his pound back whopping my weight... well done matey!

Munkees vs Shandies - All tied, again!!!!  Day 3 would be interesting...

Everything went wrong today… I could not hit the boards, my casting was shocking, the consequence being the feeder line didn’t work for me. Getting a pull bung stuck up the number 2 section. Shallow fishing worked, but the fish went straight for the tree on my left and I lost two rigs… Nightmare, but hey, I’ve been fishing with some great lads so there is always a positive!

More Pictures...

Big Ron... on the favoured Peg 1
Andy T, no other words are needed! 
Winkledean ;-) 
Hello again Adam...
The other joker of the group, Hathers
Pikey, man of the driest humour
Guess who???

Glen, Sconey's personal butler


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