FAL - Pairs 2 Dayer, The Glebe, 6th July 2018

Two weeks after my last two day pairs event at the Glebe and I find myself with the Facebook Angling League (FAL) lads for another two day pairs event.  Hopefully I'd learnt from that match earlier and I had a match plan to keep things simple.

The Draw
Random draw for your pairs partner, FishyPhil was this weekends unlucky victim.  I would be drawing on Pool 1 for today's match.  Home for the day would be peg 2.

I drew this peg 2 weeks ago, what are the odds of that?  Well with 48 anglers, I'd hazard a guess at 1 in 48!

A small change to the plan from the previous weeks effort.  I set-up a feeder line to target the area between the fair reeds which would double as my bomb and pellet line, together with a pellet waggler.

Pole lines at 5 metres and both my left and right hand margin.  I'd cut down the bait menu to pellets, corn and some dead reds together with a bucket full of groundbait.

The whistle went and it was straight onto the feeder line with quite a tight chuck to the far bank.  Plenty of indications however no real takes.  The first hour went by with only two fish in the net and a couple of wayward casts cost me quite a few hook lengths too...

It was another glorious day weather wise so I decided to give the pellet waggler a go particularly as there were now fish cruising around the peg.  The pellet waggler bagged me another fish although my catch rate was extremely slow.

Winkledean was next to me in the infamous peg 1 and he hadn't been fishing for a number of years however he was happily steadily catching fish from his left hand margin.  I was getting a lesson today thats for sure!

Mid way through the match I just felt I was out of touch of all the fish.  I'd tried the feeder, pellet waggler and the bomb and pellet with very little to show for my efforts.

Time to try the short 5 metre line and having learnt from last week, it was a case of potting in heavily to ensure the fish were on the bottom to avoid line bites and foul hooked fish.  Well another frustrating hour with just a few fish in the net from the short pole line.  I was running out of options.

Winkledean was still catching steadily and I knew that he had me well beaten, by how much I was wondering.  Could my margin lines help me out of trouble like they did a couple of weeks ago?

I treated the margin lines a bit differently this time by feeding a single pot of groundbait and then fishing over it with very little offerings apart from my hook bait.  To cut a long story short, my right hand margin line did not produce like it had two weeks ago, however my left hand margin line was a lot stronger.

The single cup of groundbait approach certainly worked and I started to put more fish in the net however I was well out of touch with the rest of the field.  The results would speak for themselves.

Last in section and having to pay out a golden nugget to Big Si and Ruddy, not the result I expected at all...

Peg: Angler: Weight
1: Winkledean: 89-14
2: Lewy: 32-11
4: Shogun 969: 140-10
5: Milton Juice: 97-13
7: Chris Robbo: 99-01
8: Big Si: 70-07

I've written this blog later than normally and tracking the results from Peg 2, Pool 1 have definitely been poorer than the rest of the pegs in the first section however this is not an excuse for my performance.

Looking back I felt as though I may have picked the wrong methods to kick off on, I should have started on a pellet waggler rather than the feeder.  I did give each method its fair share of time for them to work, just in the wrong order.

Apologies to my partner FishyPhil who won the entire day with a massive weight of 281lb from Pool 6.

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