GAS - Richardson Lake, 21st August 2019

Wednesday match at Marsh Farm, the weather was certainly shaping up to be a lovely day so what better than to spend it fishing on Richardson Lake!

The usual suspects lines up together with some old familiar faces from my MFS days namely Ian McLaren and Dave Boyd.

The Draw
Peg 5, right outside of the club house for me today

I decided on a method to target the far bank and the following pole lines:
  • 10 Metres left and right
  • Margins left and right
The menu today dead reds, casters, micro pellets, assorted pellets for hookers and F1 sweet groundbait.

A single ball of groundbait on the left hand 10 metre line and three balls on the right hand line.  I started on the method with double dead red maggot and groundbait loaded.  Five minute timed cast and pinging three to four 6mm hard pellets over the method line.

It was a warm and still day with very little ripple on the water.  The first hour past without a fish on the method so I tried the pole lines.  The left hand negative line, not a sign after a quick 10 minute look, the right hand line however produced some small skimmers and I was off the mark.

Next put in on the right hand line, the double bulk rig settled and the dotted down float dipped resulting in one of Richardson Lake's lovely crucian carp.  Staying on this line produced some smaller silvers so I topped up both pole lines and went back onto the method switching from double dead reds to a banded 6mm pellet.

This hook bait change was to alter my catch quality substantially!  I also decided to add some micro pellets to the method and some casts would be all micro pellets to get a small bed of bait down.

Sticking to 5 minute casts, the first time the rod went round resulted in a proper skimmer followed by a couple of tench.  The next tench was a larger fish and it took me into my left margin.  I thought I'd lost the fish and pulled for the break however luckily the fish came free and was quickly netted.

As time went on the sun was battering my margin lines, so zero shadow however I had to have a look after putting a small amount of dead red maggots and some groundbait.  I'd also been dripping some casters on the margin line however they produced nothing, not even a bite, so back on the method until the end of the match.

The next take on the method was a violent one which resulted in one of the lakes carp gracing the net.  With that, the all out was called.

23lb 7oz for a mid section finish

The bright sunshine and lack of wind did not help the pole lines and certainly the margin line where I feel that some shade helps.  The shade was on the far bank and that's where the fish were in my peg.

There was an area on the far bank with a small cut back which was the target area for the method and also pinging the pellets.  Accurate and regular casting built up a bed of bait together with pinging 6mm pellets and the area produced some quality fish, just not enough of them getting ounced for a higher position in the section.


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