MFS - How End Fishery, 28th March 2015

After a run of disappointing results I was hopeful that I could salvage some champion league points at How End with the MFS lads.  I've had quite a good run at How End and was pleased to be fishing Yasi's a lake I've had most time on.

I've also had one particularly bad session on Yasi's, but the less said about that, the better... it cost me a pound to Baz and also a potential ban from the fishery by Pebs under the guise of bringing How End's good name into disrepute ;-)

The fishery was really busy with a How End Team Winter league decider being fished, so it was great to see some of the other lads, luckily there was one space left in the car park for me.

The Draw
Baz ran over the net rules only to be corrected by Pebs... how many times have you fished here Baz?  My lot for the day would be peg 12.

The Set-Up
I didn't even bring any rods today so the pole lines were as follows:
  • 13 metres at the start of the far shelf
  • 12 metres mid way down the far shelf
  • Margin line on my right
  • Top 2 for any fish near the keepnets and if the wind got too bad
Bait would be an all natural day, 1 pint of mixed red/white maggots, 2 pints of casters and some worms as a hookbait change.

Plenty of time to set-up and grab all the pictures of the lads you see below.  Baz came over for a chat and next thing, the all in was called.  Baz was going to fish a positive match with the feed and I'd decided on a negative approach to the feeding.

I started the 12 metre line off with a kinder pot of chopped worm and caster and went over it with a single red maggot to tempt the ide.  Steve (Mr Bald) and Doddy were into fish almost straight away by fishing directly over to the island.

My plan was to ping casters over to the island to see if I could draw their fish my way once they had caught a few... 30 minutes past and still I had not had a bite.

The wind was pretty terrible and it made bait presentation quite a challenge.  Steve was bagging at an alarming rate.  He was kinder potting in chopped worm right over on the island, dropping his float in and bang, fish on!  Doddy had also adopted that approach and while getting fish, not the same rate as Steve.  I was still fishless.

I moved onto the 13 metre line, still not hard up against the island and finally hooked a fish which promptly came off... Next fish, bump and the rig ended up in the flora and fauna around the island, pulling for a the hooklength went... good job because it was about to be changed anyway!

With a change of hooklength I also decided to started fishing hard up against the island, so a quick re-plumb and out I went.

Again the wind was hamper all efforts, both pinging the casters and also holding the rig in position.  When I could do both I was rewarded with a nice chunky ide, however I was well behind Steve and Doddy.

The wind became quite bad, so I opted to try my margin and close in line... nothing at all.  So I decided to stick it out on the long line.

I hooked a lovely carp that decided it wanted to go see Doddy in the next peg. My apologies mate!

Even though the barbel replaced the Ide I didn't think I'd done enough for any section points... the all-out was called and it was weigh in time

19lb 1oz for section 2nd!  Earning me a pound off Doddy and Baz but having to pay out a pound to Shedders and Steve50-50, only for Steve50-50 to totally mis-guess his weight and have to give me that quid back ;-)

Full Results
Section A
2. Steve 50:50 40-4 (section and 2nd overall)
3 Shedful 22-2
5 Simon Pavey 15-00
6 Pikey 24-2 15 Colbrad 10.00
16 Hathers 37-10 (section 2nd and 3rd overall)
17 NS69 33-0

 Section B
 8. Tony9151 13-0 9. HappyD 18-10
10 Baz315 16-6
11 Mr Bald 42-4 (section and 1st overall) What wind?
12 Lewy 19-1 (section 2nd)
13. Doddy 12-2

The wind was terrible for the lads fishing either side of the island.  Interestingly the top two weights came from either point of the island, where the wind

Well done Steve, first visit and lake win!

Nice new gear didn't help Baz to keep his pound.

Almost a smile Rik!

Not another Photo Lewy!

Pikey still cannot understand the northern accent, I asked him to smile

A beaming grin from Simon

Bit windy Dave?  No Lewy, I just farted...

Oh no... My weight estimate was well out Lewy!

The new father... all smiles!

Hathers should have been born a fish!

The standard Col "thumbs up"

That coffee would keep Doddy warm all day.


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