MFS - Stafford Moor - Silvers Festival, 4th March 2015

A night of darts against the cockneys and beers at another lodge for a change… Chris Martin did a disappearing act half way through the night, next thing we can all hear him snoring away.  Andy G kept us entertained as per usual.  

I left around midnight and the rest of the lads came back to the lodge and had a bit of a late night, about 3am.  I never heard a thing as I was fast asleep.

The Draw
Another organised draw by Herbie, calling the groups in to draw and kicking the rest out of the tackle shop.  It worked well!

Todays fishing would be on Woodpecker, peg 34.  An area that produced in the first day, but the weights had been low the rest of the week.  Neighbours for the day would be my L’Oreal twin, Tonkin Tommy and Whiteman

The Set-up
The wind was blowing across the peg which made it difficult plumbing up the 13 metre line straight ahead of me.  I decided on some back up plans, a waggler and feeder rod.

The All-In
Based on the previous day’s results I decided to feed the swim negatively, so I cupped a small nugget of micro pellets on the 13 metre.

The L'Oreal Twins...
My opening gambit would be the feeder on the same line as the waggler to try and build the swim up, recasting the feeder around every 15 minutes.  The first couple of casts nothing, no knocks or indications at all.

Hour one soon past by and no fish in the net.  Whiteman had landed a nice Perch on his short pole line.  Tonkin had a couple of small fish on his pole line but the wind was hampering his attempts to present the bait.

After 2 hours, finally I managed a small skimmer, none of the three of us were setting the world on fire.

I had a few attempts on the pole but the wind was making it impossible to fish.  Trying the waggler, no bites so back on the feeder.

A mid match break was required as I was just not getting any bites whatsoever, so a visit back to the Lodge, grabbed some chocolate biscuits for Animal and Tonkin.  Back to the peg and a long chuck on the feeder… bite straight away and a nice Common Carp came to the net, unfortunately they don’t count…

The wind abated and I took the opportunity to try the pole line.  4mm expander pellet, float buries, next carp in the net.  The day was getting worse.

I finished the last couple of hours on the feeder and managed to take two more fish.  The All-Out was called, I had 3 fish in the net.  Not the best days fishing, hey, there is always tomorrow.

The Result
1lb dead and dead last in section.  Tonkin had 2lb 4oz and Whitman 4lb with two lovely perch caught short.

Link to Stafford Moors Results Page

Not the best area to fish today, given our weights

Whitman looking a little cold

Dressed to impress!


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