MFS - Stafford Moor - Silvers Festival, 2nd March 2016

Shocking weather
Day 3 and I'm dead last on the leaderboard.  Today the weather forecast predicted that we would be getting battered by winds gusting between 50 and 70 mph!  Of course the rain would be with us too...

Waking up in the Lodge of plenty we were greeted with horrible weather!

The Draw
My lake for the day would be Oak, the carp had been showing on previous matches so I wanted to avoid the corner where most of the carp where... Peg 13 unlucky for me, Carp corner!

The wind was so bad the pole option was going to be short only so the feeder rod was the only real option of the day.  Pole lines would be margin to my left and keep net line.

I selected a feeder line that was around 18 metres, groundbait and double red maggot.  Again opting for a negative approach therefore I'd leave this feeder in until the first bite indication.  5 minutes on the clock and the tip wrapped round... yet a lovely none counting carp!

This repeated itself for the first 30 minutes and four carp!  Time for a bait change back to a single maggot.  This time bites took a bit longer, but the same result carp!

The weather was terrible, we heard a report that Andy G's box had been blown in, luckily while he wasn't sat on it!

I wasn't getting any fish, well fish that counted!

Trying my margin and keep net line produced a few small skimmers.  The final hour of the match and another bait change to single pinkie produced one fish.

The Result
11oz for last in section... oh dear!

Probably the worst day I've ever been fishing... loads of carp which is really bad for a silvers match.


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