Maggotdrowners - Lindholme Lakes, 14th May 2014

The big bash was also on a Lindholme today so we would all fit on Oasis, both out of the way of the masses and also able to park our cars behind our pegs for a simple unpack.

The Draw
I pulled out peg 35 which was a corner peg, very favourable area. The previous festival I was on the other corner so I had an idea of how to attack the peg. I was in a tough section with Lee and Jimmy, both who had perfect scores in the festival up to today.

The Set-Up
It was going to be 16 metres on the pole today to reach the far bank and the method feeder to reach the corner. I set up the following lines:
  • 16 metres to the far bank on my right 
  • 16 metres under a tree to my left 
  • 7 metres straight ahead 
  • Top 2 keep net line 
  • Method Feeder to the far bank straight ahead
Bait was as the previous days, sweetcorn, 8mm luncheon meat, maggot, worm, micro pellets and groundbait.

The All-In
Potting in on 7 metre line with some luncheon meat and then across to the far bank with sweetcorn while kinder potting in some loose micro pellets. The float buried and I managed 6 good fish from the 16 metre line in the first 20 minutes.

I started to foul hook and loose fish on this line so I decided to pot in some corn to try and settle them down and picked up the method rod casting to a gap between the reeds. This resulted in more fish in quick succession before they moved off to another area. So I cast to the left and picked up some more fish. They were only small F1’s but they all count.

I was potting the 7 metre line every hour. The method feeder line wasn’t working and the 16 metre pole line was suffering from white pollen on the water making it very difficult to see the float, so I went on my 7 metre line. I took a couple of fish from here but not in the speed I was catching on the method, so topping up my pole lines I went back on the method.

I didn’t have a margin to fish so I decided to start dumping loose ground bait just in front of my two keep nets, I would see if this resulted in fish later in the match.

The fish were coming to sweetcorn on the method feeder and a couple of casts had resulted in hitting the bank, much to Ian’s amusement next to me. The fish were almost out of the water getting these stray pellets.

With 90 minutes to go I decided to go on my keep net line. It worked and a big skimmer came out, followed by an angry barbel and 4 large F1’s. More groundbait and back on the method to let the keep net line rest.

In the last 15 minutes I was back on the keep net line and hooked a fish, a large fish. The All-out came, “Fish on”, and I could relax and take my time with this fish. It turned out to be a large mirror carp around 7lb.

The Result
65lb for a section 2nd in a tough section! Very happy with the result

A good days fishing and cracking weather to boot. I had a good giggle with Ian next door. I was catching quite regularly and I didn’t expect a section 2nd, so I was very pleased with myself. Now for tonights entertainment, 32 of us at the Chinese!

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