Connor Whipp Charity Match, Sivyer Lake, Twickenham, 11th March 2012

Brian Green, Proper Tidal Boy on Match Fishing Scene had organised a charity match for his nephew, Connor Whipp who has neuroblastoma a form of childhood cancer.  The venue was Sivyers Lake a premier water that is for exclusive use by the Feltham Piscatorials.

But first a little about Connor.  Connor is 4 years old who loves Captain America.  In fact the treatment Connor needs is based in America and family and friends are on a mission to raise £250,000.  Connor's favourite super hero, Captain America is going to help him beat his illness.  If you would like to donate to Connor's appeal, please donate at this website:

The Draw
Arriving at Sivyers Lake we were greated with lovely sunshine and a great looking lake.  The draw would be a "walk off" draw.  Basically, you are drawn a number, this number relates to begin able to walk off and select the pegs of your choice.

Brian had explained the lake and where the hotspots would be and also the methods, covered later.  I was 7th to "walk off" and selected peg 13.  Luckily Mark who was also fishing with us managed to get peg 12 next to me.

We would be fishing 10:30am until 4pm, which gave us about an hour to tackle up.

The Set-Up
Brain had told us that it would be pellet waggler and bomb and/or method feeder and as the lake had been crossed with ropes and floats to prevent cormorant predation to target the floats on the rope as these acted as fish attracting devices.

  • Method Feeder, 10' Bomb Rod, 6lb Mainline
  • Drennan Puddle Chucker, 11'6" Float Road, 4lb Mainline
  • 13 metre Pole line directly in front and to the float on my right
  • Top 3 Pole line to bush on left and right
Bait for the day was simple, 8mm pellets, dead red maggots, casters and sweetcorn.

The All-In
I potted out some hard 4mm pellets in a small pole cup with casters and dead reds on the two 13 metre lines.  These lines would be topped up every hour.  I decided to try the method feeder about 4 metres short of the centre rope and pinged two to three 8 mm pellets over the line.

Gary Haisman (Milo) was over the lake from me and had started on the pellet waggler.  He was soon into the carp.  So, following his lead I pulled in the method and flicked out the pellet waggler and the first carp was soon on!

I landed another two carp before the line died, so back out on the method feeder which gave me another carp.

The first couple of hours past pretty quickly and I was switching between the pellet waggler and method feeder and soon had six carp in the net.

I decided to try the 13 metre pole line which produced a couple of skimmers, but others around me were still catching on the pellet waggler so I went back out to the rope.

Meantime, Mark wasn't fairing too well with only one fish landed, neither was Gary as he had caught the rope and snapped off quite a few times so he went out on the pole.

After 5 hours I had a good run on the pellet waggler which again died, so I decided to target the bush to my left.  Some more quality roach followed but I was itching to get back into the carp, so back out on the pellet waggler.

Mark still wasn't having any luck and had lost 3 carp on the pellet waggler.  Gary had landed a couple of nice Bream and a lovely Roach of around 2lb.

I landed a couple more carp before the all out was sounded.

The Result
Mark decided to tip back his carp, so recorded a DNW.  I managed 46lb 11oz and took the point off Mark.  The lake was won with over 100lb of carp taken on the pellet waggler, the guy who won also landed a 16lb carp, other weights were 90lb, 88lb and 80lb!

Sivyers Lake, great fishing on an early spring day, just imagine what the summer would bring.  If I was to change anything on my approach and as advised by Gary, it would have been to replace the method feeder with a small bomb and pellet.


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