Town Lake, Killeshandra - 29th May 2012

Day 3 and a new venue to try.  Town lake at Killeshandra.  Driving back from Foxholes the previous evening we had all checked out this venue, although nobody was fishing to give us an indication of form there were 6 available swims to the right of the boat ramp with easy access for the old boys.

The lake had a light breeze and ripple on the water and looked very fishy, so onto the draw and out with the tackle.
The Setup
  • Pole at 13 metres, depth was top 5 sections!!!
  • Pole Top 3, end of the keep net swim... all will be explained later! 
  • Feeder at around 40 turns
I was using a Sconezone Berweemz, 1.5 gram pole float for the deep pole line and it was the first time I had ever fished this deep.

The All-In
I cupped out 4 balls of groundbait on the pole line and as with previous days, decided to rest this swim for at least an hour.  That waiting time would be spent on the feeder.

No bites on the feeder materialised, even after casting around the swim.  The other lads were biteless too.

I tried the pole line, nothing at all.  In fact for the 4 hours we were all blanking until Fred managed to hook a perch on his close in pole line.

I decided to start feeding the end of the keep net and after plumbing up I had 6 feet of depth.  Fred had put another fish in the net while the rest of us were still blanking.

After feeding the keep net line for 30 minutes I went over it and hooked a nice perch, at least I hadn't blanked!

Finishing at 4pm, we packed up on a very disappointing day out with a sum total of 3 fish caught between 6 anglers!

The Result
No need to weigh our catches, Fred took the day with 2 fish and I came second with a single perch.  I was paired with Glynn again, so we took 2 points.

The weather was a lot better for fishing today, overcast with brief spells of sunshine.  The fish simply weren't there.  It was like Foxholes on day 1, well it was worse as only 3 fish were caught.  The swims looked very fishy.  Fishing at top 5 deep on the pole was certainly a new challenge that wasn't rewarded with any fish whatsoever... time to hit the bar!

Fred and Paul to my right
Malcolm, Bernard and Glynn on my left


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