MFS - Northern Munkees vs Southern Shandies - The Rules

The Rules as written by Sconey....

Thursday Pools one, six and seven.
Foursomes (4 Munkees v 4 Shandees...all pegs in a line in one of 5 sections)
3 x 8 peg sections on Pool one
1 x 8 peg section on Pool six.
1 x 8 peg section on Pool seven.
Both teams have been allocated equal numbers of end pegs. (This applies to all three days)

The draw will take place at 10:00am in the marquee at The Glebe.
I will call up anglers to draw (there will only be 5 anglers called...simple..!) They will draw one of 5 envelopes...these will contain Munkees and Shandees pegs. The Foursomes will then "draw for themselves" from these envelopes then record their names with Pikey in the marquee.

You will all fish from 11:30am to 5:30pm (six hours)...rules are as fishery rules for nets (minimum 2 for silvers and carp under 2 pound, the other for carp over 2 pounds...100 pound strict net limit. If you go over 100 pounds in a net, the total that you go over will be deducted from 100 pounds...all nets to be pegged out on the bank until 15 mins before the all-in. This will apply to all 3 days, so take note please.)

Rules for fishing day one (Feeder/Lead ONLY) are simple...NO feeding by pole-cup. Bait can be introduced by HAND or CATAPULT (and of course a Feeder..!) only.
20" MINIMUM hooklength measured to hang BELOW the feeder. Fixed rigs ARE allowed. NO pole feeders (Pikey..!)

Friday Pools one, six and seven. Pairs.

The draw will take place at 10:00am in the marquee at The Glebe. You will all fish from 11:30am to 5:30pm 
Again, I will call up anglers to draw, but this time I will call ten anglers. They will draw one of ten envelopes, each containing Munkees and Shandees pegs. To make things less confusing with ten envelopes (Shandees can't generally count to five, nevermind ten..!), I've coloured the Shandees peg-tickets a nice pink. The pairs, once again, will draw for themselves from these envelopes. 

Net rules are the same.

Fishing rules change... 

FLOAT only. This means waggler/pole only in practice, although I have seen a bloke fishing a stick-float (honest), so if that floats your boat, please feel free..!
NO feeders, float legering or any other method which you may feel you can get around the rules with. 
No slapping/tapping/cupping water.
No "dapping" or whatever you want to call can swing a rig at a cruising fish if you like but no holding the rig above the water with the bait touching the surface please...the float MUST be in the water.

Saturday is Singles day (and I don't mean there's loads of desperate birds attending..!) on pools 4,5,6 and 7. Draw is 9:30am as you've a bit more gear to set up, but you will all fish from 11:30am to 5:00pm (5.5 hours)
Draw is RANDOM...exactly like you'd fish any other match apart from there will be TWO buckets to draw marked MUNKEES and the other marked POOFTAS (sorry, meant SHANDEES..). This means that you do not know who you will be against on the final day....adds a bit of spice..!

Fishery rules...all as above but combined as it's ANY METHOD TO FISHERY RULES.
The points scoring has changed slightly to make it more interesting.
8 points for a win down to 1 point for last in section on day one...It will be scored just like the Ryder Cup, with 1 POINT for a victory and zero for a loss. A Tied section on points NOT be decided on weight...half a point each will then be awarded.

Day two will be exactly the same apart from section points will be awarded 4 points for 1st down to 1 point for 4th...this match will then be given the same overall score as above...1 point for a win, zero for a loss and half a point for a draw.

Day three is simple...if you beat your opponent, you gain your team a point..!

There are 35 points to play for in total over the three days...18 points is the Team target with 5 points available day one, 10 points day two and 20 points day three.

THE TEAMS (Shandees in Black, Munkees in Red)





Dave Britain

Baz Wrexham




Pete Bailey


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