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How End Fishery, Bedford, 8th May 2011

After following Phil Stones blog to build How End Fishery on the MatchFishing-Scene website/forum I really wanted to go and visit the fishery soon after the opening day.  It was also a good opportunity to let Mark build on his pole fishing skills. We arrived at How End at 7am, but I didn't realise that Phil opened at 8am... oops, a quick phonecall to Phil and he came down a short time afterwards to greet us and let us in.  A very short drive into the fishery and the all important first impressions are a job that has been done by a perfectionist.  Phil was very welcoming so we had a chat about the fishery and amongst other things I confirmed that he is a petrol head too... perfect! Mark and I decided to fish Yasi's Lake as it is more pole orientated.  The car park is very close to both lakes, so it's only a small walk to the lakes  The swims are very good, proper concrete slabs and enough room between the anglers.  We decided to fish the swims on the point of the i

Lawn Farm Fisheries, Elsworth, 7th May 2011

Friday night saw thunderstorms and rain in the Cambridge region which affected the weekends fishing.  Saturday saw a re-visit to Lawn Farm Fisheries  but this time Mark and I decided to fish Willows, the larger lake in the complex. Willows contains larger Carp and on a previous session Mark had bagged some cracking Carp up to 12lb.  I chose Peg 35 which gave me the option of fishing to the island and also the point of the island, Mark fished Peg 36 to my left. I decided to set up a method feeder and pellet waggler.  I also mixed some groundbait with hemp, corn and a pint of dead maggots.  I also prepared some micro pellets.  Bait for the day was banded pellets, gotbaits ghost hookers , hair rigged corn, worm and dead maggots. The session - it started well with a nice 5lb common carp.  The bite came just as the rain started to come down, so playing the fish I got a good soaking, much to the amusement of Mark who was happy sat under his brolly on the next peg.  But it was me who wa