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Kingsland Reservoir, Coates, 19th March 2013

My final day in Cambridge with Mark and the venue for today's competition was to be Decoy Lakes in Whittlesey but we changed our mind while grabbing sandwiches from the local supermarket, so drove to Kingsland Reservoir in Coates, just round the corner from Decoy Lake.  The last time we visited Kingsland was back in February 2012.

We had a wander round the small carp lake and decided to fish two middle swims giving us both an aerator as a fish holding area and as it was a Tuesday we had the entire lake to ourselves.

The Set-Up
We decided that today's match would be slightly different and that it would be a rod only affair, no poles.  so I set up the following rods:
10' Bomb Rod with in-line Method Feeder10' Bomb Rod with a running bomb rig13' Waggler RodThe All-In
The aerator was the obvious target for the first cast, Mark also had the same idea so out went a small method feeder to the right of the target.  My plan was to leave this out for an hour or until a bite,…

How End Fishery, Bedford, 18th March 2013

Mark is now 2-0 up in the Mark vs Mark 2013 competition, today's venue, How End Fishery is more to my style of fishing so I've got a good chance of getting a point back on Mark.  The journey to the fishery was a bit of a nightmare with thick fog, Monday morning traffic and a couple of accidents.  It had rained quite hard overnight and the temperature reading in the car indicated -1C.  We decided to fish Dani's lake and after speaking to Phil Stone (Pebs) owner of How End Fishery he advise that we should be on pegs 3 or 19 fishing the waggler with corn searching the far bank for the fish and to set up an 11 metre line with pinkie for the skimmers and tench.

After a walk around the lake I picked peg 19 and Mark took peg 18.

The Set-Up
Following Phil's advice we both set up a waggler rod and also two 11 metre swims.  I intended to feed one pole line with sloppy groundbait and pinkie, the other just to dribble pinkies in.

The All-In
We were quite late getting to the fishery…

Chestnut Pool, Biggleswade, 16th March 2013

A weekend in Cambridge and a chance to try to level the score against Mark in the friendly competition.  We decided to give Chestnut Pool, Langford, near Biggleswade a go.  A fishery neither of us had been to before which holds a good head of carp to 32lb and silvers.

Mark got to the fishery before me and was setting up on.  The peg he picked was on the right of the lake as you look at it just one peg down from the top of the lake.  I arrived and started to take my tackle over, the wind was blowing up the lake and my choice of peg was either one with the wind in my face, it looked like today would be a tough day.

The Set-Up
Mark knows a regular and he advised that we could fish top 2 and 3 sections for the silvers with the wind this looked like the only option. so I would plumb up the following lines, which were about 5 foot each:

Straight ahead - groundbait and maggot line2 o'clock - chop worm lineInto the bay - margin line I also set up a bomb rod just in case the wind caused too …

Inspired Angling Fisheries (formerly Yarm Fishery), Urlay Nook Road, 8th March 2013

Taking advantage of a Friday off work I decided to try a new local venue, Yarm Fishery, also know as Urlsemere Coarse Lake run by Inspired Angling.  Yarm Fishery has been totally revamped by Alfy and the team at Inspired Angling and what a great job they have done!  The pegs are neat and tidy and the lake is protected by an electrified otter fence which makes shipping your pole back a small challenge.

Yarm Fishery first came to my attention about 18 months ago, they have since increased the fish stock levels substantially with some small carp, roach and tench adding to the existing stock of fish.

I arrived around 8am, the weather was overcast, cold and a light drizzle of rain.  John, a member of Anglers Cabin was already there when I arrived.  John had fished the lake since the revamp and also when it was owned by Albion Angling Club many years ago.

John had taken peg 7 on the far side of the lake giving him the point of the island, some open water to his right and also a far margin s…

MFS - Stafford Moor - Open Match, 1st March 2013

17 of us decided to stay on the extra day to fish an open match were the carp now count.  It was a welcome later draw at 9am as it was a late night on the final day of the silvers festival.

I drew out peg 35 on Tanners which is over the far side of the lake and one peg off the end peg, 36.  It is a promising carp area so my hopes were high.

The Set-up
Last years festival the carp came to the pole line as that is where all the feed had gone in during the previous 4 days so I had the following two lines:

13 metre line at 10 o’clock, this would be the groundbait line
13 metre line at 1 o’clock which would have chopped worm on it

I also broke out a bomb rod and waggler rod to fish the waggler at full depth with banded pellet.

Bait was 8mm pellets, sweetcorn, 4mm expander and worm.

The All-In
Today would be decided by carp and not silvers, so I decided to feed positively, so I cupped in loose groundbait and on the other line half a cup of chopped worm.  These lines would be topped up every hour and…

MFS - Stafford Moor - Silvers Festival, 28th February 2013

The final day of the Silvers festival and an open draw, so I could be on any of the three lakes that we had fished in the previous three days.  I drew Tanners, Peg 9 so on the lawns again just a few pegs up from where I started on Monday.  My neighbours for the day would be Mark Mcdorch and none other than my adopted dad, Herbie, our festival organiser.

We were great by an iced over lake and ice breaking was the order of the day.  Ice breakers were going in all over the lake and I borrowed one from Pete (PerfectPete) and spend 15 minutes cleaning the swim.

The Set-up
After breaking the ice to about 13 metres, I set up the following lines:

13 metres at 45 degree’s to my platform
13 metres straight ahead
8 metres at 2 o’clock

Depth wasn’t ideal at around 4 feet the 13 metre lines, 3.5 feet on the 8 metre line.  Bait was dead and alive red maggot, casters and chopped worm.

The All-In
I decided to fish one 13 metre line positively and the other as I’d being doing the last two days, with a nugget o…

MFS - Stafford Moor - Silvers Festival, 27th February 2013

Day 3 of the MFS Silvers Festival at Stafford Moor.  The odds of Dave (Shedful) drawing against Colin (BNF) again today had been calculated at a 1 in a 3000 chance.Dave decided to draw last to see if that would change his luck.I drew peg 34 on Woodpecker which is right at the back of the lake and another long walk to my peg.Dave’s luck held steady and two other “victims” had picked the pegs either side of Colin, he was one happy man!

Arriving at Peg 34 on Woodpecker I was in a bay area, the wind blowing across me with a slight ripple on the water.  It looked promising, but the previous weights from this peg were low.  Plumbing up I found a pretty uniform 3 foot of depth in the peg.

The Set-up
I decided to set-up a feeder rod in case the pole didn’t produce and I could explore the bay area.  I opted for two main lines at the normal 10 o’clock and 2 o’clock postions.  Plumbing up to find two area’s of the same depth so I could utilise a single rig, set up another rig as a back up.  The lin…

MFS - Stafford Moor - Silvers Festival, 26th February 2013

Day 2 of the MFS Silvers Festival at Stafford Moor.  It was a slow start this morning with the after effects of a tequila bottle, Jack Daniels Honey and copious amounts of beer.I drew peg 16 on Pines.The peg is the furthest away from the car park and the walk was a bit of a pain, but at least it warmed me up.

The Set-up
Pines, Peg 16 is in a bay which is about 20 metres wide so another day on the pole.  The advice was to fish long and after plumbing up, the peg was a uniform two and a half foot deep, not looking promising with the cold weather.  So I set up three lines as follows:

13 metre line at 10 o’clock
13 metre line at 2 o’clock
Inside line on top 3

Bait today was dead red maggots, red maggots, casters and sloppy groundbait.

The All-In
I was about to cup in a ball of groundbait and Steve May stopped me.  “If that’s bigger than  half a golf ball don’t put it in”, he warned, so I heeded his advice and put a kinder pot on the pole and dropped a nugget of sloppy groundbait in on both 13 met…

MFS - Stafford Moor - Silvers Festival, 25th February 2013

Day 1 of the eagerly anticipated Match Fishing Scene Silvers Festival at Stafford Moor.  After a 5 hour drive from the North East, I arrived at Stafford Moor in time for a cracking Sunday lunch cooked by Colin (BNF).This year I was in the “Lodge of Plenty” with Paul (Animal) and Dave (Shedful).The normal banter soon started and the beers were flowing.That day the lads had fished a Champion Leagues match and a couple of anglers had ended up going for a swim as pole sections had gone in the water.John (RedArmy) and Pete (Merce) both looked frozen!

In the year since visiting Stafford Moor, Andy Seery had done a lot of work pruning back trees and the fishery looked really good.

It was a great night catching up with the Matchfishing Scene lads and meeting some new ones.

The next morning, Colin (BNF) cooked up a cracking full english breakfast and we had plenty of time to get to the draw at 9am.  The normal shambolic queue for the draw in Andy’s office / tackle shop soon formed and the banter …