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Tunnel Barn Farm, Little Shrewley, 17th April 2011

The sunday we decided to fish Top Pool at Tunnel Barn Farm Fisheries .  Again, Les from the tackle shop gave us some great advice and told us to fish at Pegs 1 through 7 as there was a match on the rest of Top Pool. I selected Peg 1 and Mark, Peg 2.  Mark's aim for the day was to further his pole fishing and he was planning on sticking with the pole for most of the day... well, it didn't quite go to that plan, but more later. Peg 1 was a lovely looking Peg with reeds in front reachable at 13 metres, a large margin swim on the right and open water straight ahead.  Plenty of options here and the weather was going to play a part in the days fishing. So, my tactics where to get the pole across to the reeds as tight as possible, also have a swim a metre from the reeds and a margin swim.  It was also an opportunity, should the fish play ball to get the pellet waggler rod out for the first time. Starting the session off I took an early F1 from my 12 metre reed swim and then st

Tunnel Barn Farm, Little Shrewley, 16th April 2011

After signing up for a match through the Matchfishing Scene web forum  at Tunnel Barn Farm Fisheries  and having never been to Tunnel Barn Farm I decided that I needed to have some practise there. So I booked in for the weekend of April 16th and 17th, gave Mark a call to see if he wanted come along too. We both arrived on Saturday morning at around 6:45am and had a stroll around House Pool, the first pool you come across when you arrive. The complex at first seemed smaller than I first imagined.  So off to the tackle shop where we met Les.  He recommended that we fish House Pool of Pegs 29, 30 or 31.  So we selected Pegs 30 and 31. Bait consisted of Tunnel Barn Farm own feed pellets, red and white maggots, corn, hemp, luncheon meat and the trusty worm, together with hooker jelly pellets. This weekend was a chance for Mark to really try out Pole fishing. The Saturday Session I selected a long line in front of a patch of lush reeds, a 5m line in the channel and a margin li

Rookery Waters, Pidley, Cambridgeshire, 3rd April 2011

Heading back to Rookery Waters we decided to fish Rook Water after Mark had previous success with some early season Tench. We both decided to fish on the right hand side of the lake at pegs 24 & 25 . The weather was pretty cold and a chilled wind soon started to blow across our pegs.  I hooked a nice ghost carp of about 2lb from the off, followed by a roach. Mark was having trouble keeping his waggler in the swim and took an early decision to move to the opposite corner of the lake, peg 16.  I decided to try and fish out my chosen swim and soon switched to the feeder.  The fish turned on and I landed three carp in quick sucession.  The action died, and now Mark was consistently getting fish on the feeder.  His choice to move was a good one! I was landing one fish to every couple that Mark was getting.  Our banter/abuse continued via mobile phone. I decided to drop in my margin rig with a piece of corn.  The float bobbed and I landed a nice roach of around 10o

Lawn Farm Fisheries, Elsworth, 2nd April 2011

Second visit to Lawn Farm Fisheries .  After reviewing the match results Mark and I decided to fish Cherry Tree lake that we had fished before, but different swims. Basically another action packed day.  This fishery is alive with chub, carp and roach.  Mark managed to winkle out the better quality carp by fishing tight to the island with a feeder, while my session consisted of two decent carp and the rest chub and roach. The weather was really good, cold start, but it soon warmed up. All baits were catching, dead maggots, worm, pellets and hair rigged paste. I started on the pole and Mark on the waggler.  We both soon switched to the feeder as the bites were fast and furious.  It was that mad that we even had fish on before the feeder had chance to settle.  It's an amazing feeling to cast the feeder out and as the rod tip is submerged to sink the line the tip just pulls round... fish on! Again it seemed as if we were dominating the pond, with other anglers catching, but