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Anglers Cabin - Hemlington Lake, 4th November 2012

The 7th match at Hemlington lake with Anglers Cabin .  Having had a nostalgic journey back to this childhood venue and being free on Sunday I decided to venture back to Hemlington Lake with the Anglers Cabin crew. The weather over the weekend was starting to get colder and a frosty scene greeted me when I woke up.  It will be all about the silver fish today I thought to myself!  The car also had a layer of frost which I decided to defrost from the comfort of the driver seat with all the warming devices switch to maximum heat. Nine lads turned up to brave the cold weather.  I drew out peg 3, so a very short walk for me this time.  My neighbours for the day were Adam on Peg 2 and James on Peg 4. Peg 3 had an island chuck for the feeder and I decided to fish 14.5 metres out due to the gin clear water. The Set-Up 10 foot bomb rod with micro cage feeder 14.5 metre pole line at the 10 o'clock position 14.5 metre pole line at the 2 o'clock position The depth at 14.5