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Bury Hill Fisheries, 8th June 2018

A Friday off work and a chance to have a pleasure session at Old Bury Hill Fisheries with Nathan and his Dad, John.  Button came along for the day too, she does really like birds which was to become apparent later in the day ;-) I'd phoned the fishery and they had mentioned that the sport was good with plenty of bream coming out. The Draw We had 3 pegs next to each other, two with an island chuck and the other left of the island.  John picked his peg, Nathan took the end of the island peg and I ended up on Peg 34, I think. Set-up I'd decided that it would be a rod only day for me so I left the pole and all the other paraphernalia at home.  Two rods, one feeder and one waggler. Bait wise was dead simple, maggots, pellets (hard 6mm/8mm) and groundbait. All-In Nathan and John opted to fish two rods at once to try and snare an OBH carp.  They also fished a method feeder each. 24 fish of this quality, a great day! I had my 10 foot bomb rod that could reach the i