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MFS - Tylers Common, Willow Lake, 23rd November 2014

With winter time being well and truly upon us I decided to fish a match at a new venue, one which has quite a reputation for large bags of carp in the summer and also in the winter.  I wouldn't be disappointed visiting Tylers Common in Essex. The weather was horrid!  That constant drizzle where it just doesn't stop... both the gear and me would be getting wet today! Arriving a little late, quickly putting on the waterproofs, I met up with the lads and the draw got underway for Willow Lake. The Draw Out of George's drawbag full of bingo balls I pulled out peg 22 which is on the bank nearest the car park.  An easy walk for the day, just have to negotiate the hill which of course I didn't and my trolley tipped over dumping all the gear on the deck.  Disaster number 1 for the day! The Set-Up I'd brought my method rod after reading an article in the Anglers Mail, but it was clear that today we would be fishing the pole, so the set up was really simple: Top

How End Fishery, 8th November 2014

That smile says it all! When a friend asks if he can come fishing with you one day is too good an opportunity to demonstrate that fishing isn't about sitting by a pond, lake or river watching a float sit in the water all day long, but a chance to get someone else interested in the sport, to catch some fish (hopefully) and generally have a laugh along the way. So when Charlie expressed an interest and I missed his 30th birthday as I was away, yes, you've guessed it, fishing, it was an opportunity I just could not pass up.  So a days fishing was my birthday present to Charlie. The Venue I decided to go and see Peb's at How End Fishery in Houghton Conquest, somewhere I've had a few successes, some great laughs and also a blank session! A quick call to Peb's to check that Yasi's would be free for the day, which is was and to pick a peg that we knew would produce fish on a short pole line, so Peg 11 was mentioned. So the day was set and after a fantastic