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Gold Valley - Open Match, 20th December 2013

2 months since I was on the bank so I was itching to get out and about, so with no local MFS matches I decided to get my butt to Gold Valley in Aldershot.  The weather has turned very cold, there has been plenty of rain this week and I've heard that Gold Valley has been fishing hard recently so I wonder what today holds? The match today is on Gold Lake, Canal bank and after speaking to a couple of people, Marcus Page and Brian Green I knew that it would be a tough day and luck to drawn on the fish... The Draw Only 11 of us fishing today and the weather was pretty miserable although the car temperature was reading 10 degrees.  I drew peg 24 which was an end peg, but at the unfancied end of the lake, typical! John allowed us to drive to our pegs which was greatly appreciated and made life a lot easier. The Set-Up I decided after looking at the peg and with the wind that today would be a bomb and feeder approach only.  So I set up two identical rods one with a 1oz bomb and t

Sconezone Bespoke Side Tray

Christmas comes early for me this year!  Santa Claus this year came in the form of Ian Toplis, aka Sconey whose fame includes those great Sconezone floats and bespoke side trays. I spoke to Sconey at the Northern Monkees vs Southern Shandees 3 dayer about making me a side tray. Being an all round good egg, Ian agreed and I sent him some drawings of what I was after.  Today, the doorbell went and a large package arrived... here is the result! Big thanks to Ian, the quality is exceptional.  If you want a side tray, get in touch with Ian via his website, you will not be disappointed! Cheers Lewy

Winter Update... work gets in the way...

Hi all, Well Christmas is on it's way and the weather has taken a turn for the worse... but for me recently I've been on my travels with work covering 30,000 miles in 5 weeks, Australia, London, Dubai, India and then back to London.  This resulted in 2 cancelled matches ;-( I'm itching to get out on the bank again and will be fishing this saturday (21st December) at Gold Valley in their Open Match. Keep an eye out for the blog, in the meantime, tight lines, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all. Cheers Lewy