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MFS - Witherington Farm, 1st May 2016

Second night in Sailsbury and a few of us headed to the fantastic indian that deserves a Michelin star, Anokaa !  The evening events were to prove very late for the hardcore few, I ducked out a bit earlier than normal. The next morning a very hungover Andy Gregory heads down to the breakfast area and declares, "I want the worlds largest breakfast", "but no tomatoes, no eggs...."  It was hilarious. No forgotten keys today, although we had to deal with the official retirement of Animal from Match Fishing.  Luckily he'll still be going to Stafford Moor, but he will be missed by the lads! The Draw Today we'd be fishing the Outer Snake lake, all 16 of us.  I drew Peg 15 on the Outer Snake with Sconey and Deano as neighbours Set-Up Again, all pole today, so the lines would be. Far side bank at around 13 metres Margin to my left 5 metre line Bait was the same as yesterday. All-In The plan was to fish the far bank in multiple places, feed my 5

MFS - Witherington Farm, 30th April 2016

Another year of facebook messages asking, "Is it Withy yet?"...  Most of us all arrived on the friday morning and lunchtime where the consumption of Stella, Cider and other beers started.  To say that by the time the taxi's arrived to take us all into Sailsbury we were mostly pickled! Year in year out we of course ended up in YOYO's drinking through the menu and then back to the Kings head with splinter groups heading to the vodka bar next door.  The result, well the next morning there where plenty of hangovers, yours truly included. Two mini buses got us all back to Witherington Farm Fisheries ready for the draw.  Unfortunately Animal had forgotten his car keys and unable to get his gear out of the car had to head back to the hotel, now there is a nomination for the dildo award right there! The Draw As per usual, Sconey had the draw all sorted with no fuss.  The only thing going wrong was the knackered stapler... ;-) Peg 7 on Cottage would be my home for t