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Renny Lakes, East Harsley, 22nd July 2011

One of Jacob's first fish My other nephew, Jacob expressed an interest in fishing after some friendly "uncle" persuasion.  So no better venue than Renny Lakes. I decided to fish the same swim as I'd fished with Owen in his first fishing adventure as blogged about last month. I arrived at Renny Lakes around 6:45am and secured the peg.  Only one other angler had arrived, but he was fishing the front lake. I selected the margin swim to the left as the main attack.  I knew that I could go further up the left margin if this swim wasn't producing. For Jacob, it would be top 2 of the pole directly in front of him. I would also go into the right hand margin later in the day just to see what was there.  I wasn't going to disappointed with that swim later in the day. The Session I am smiling, honest ;-) Potting the swim with 4mm & 6mm pellets, Casters and Maggots using the large pole pot and also pinging out 6mm pellets soon brought the first f

Wold Farm Fisheries, Northants, 17th July 2011

Well after my day with Bob Nudd, Mark and I decided to try out our new tips at Wold Farm Fisheries , near Santa Pod in Northants.  To fish Wold Farm, you need to have an appointment, so call Dax on 0797 4000 230 to make one before you just turn up. Finding the place proved a challenge beyond getting to Santa Pod, google maps doesn't really help.  So to help with directions, as you drive down Airfield Road you will basically come to the end of the road and have a choice of turning right down a road that has a lot of junk cars scattered around or to open a gate onto a private gate.  Follow the road with the junk cars on.  This will take you down behind the private road and around the back of Airfield Farm.  The entrance to Wold Farm is a small gate that is in amongst a fir lined set of trees that says, "no public right of way".  I've indicated on the google imagery the road that is not shown and also the entrance. We met Ron, Dax's dad, as we had decided

Bob Nudd Masterclass - Decoy Lakes, Whittlesey, 16th July 2011

40th birthday present from my Mum and Step Dad, Mike, a day with Bob Nudd MBE and 4 times World Champion. What a day!  We had everything, pouring rain to sunshine, ambulances, the AA turning up and non-stop fishing action! The Venue Mark and I met Bob at Decoy Fisheries, Whittlesy near Peterborough at 9am.  The fishery was very busy, but the owners at Decoy had allocated one of their strip lakes, Elm, for myself and Mark to fish with Bob.  So, firstly a big thanks to the owners at Decoy for the cracking venue it is. Arriving at Elm, Bob walked us down the side of Elm explaining that he had never fished this lake before, that the fish will follow the wind in this weather and that a bit of surface ripple was needed.  As the wind was blowing a gail at the end pegs on Elm, we settled on Pegs 4 & 5.  As I was leading the "Mark vs Mark" battle, the person behind has choice of peg, so Mark took Peg 5 and I set up on Peg 4. Setup Bob advised that we wanted t

Renny Lakes, East Harsley, 18th June 2011

Nursing a bit of a hangover from the nights celebrations for Neil's birthday I got to Renny lakes a little later than I wanted too.  I wanted to re-fish the rear lake, but target the first swim on the right hand side of the lake with plenty of margins, an aerator within pole distance and loads of potential. I was pleasantly surprised that no-one was on the lake at 8am, so I go the swim I was after. Plumbing up I found a regular depth in both margin swims.  As this would be my nephews first outing I wanted him to catch fish from the off, so I plumbed a swim that utilised just the top two sections of the pole so he wouldn't have to learn how to ship out and back in. I kicked off the swim with a pot full of pellets and corn, with some good old maggots just to get some action.  I didn't have to wait long.  The first carp took double white maggot, a lovely little stock carp of around 2lb.  They certainly know how to run as the white elastic was out like a shot. A chang