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MFS - Jansons Fishery - 12th April 2014

A new venue to explore in Nottinghamshire with the Matchfishing Scene lads,  Jansons Fishery It was a long old drive from London but the weather was improving and we had heard of big bags of carp from Janson's so I was looking forward to the days sport. Hint to anyone going to Janson's Fishery.  Follow the instructions on there website.  I put the satnav postcode in and ended up down the road in the village of Bingley (I think).  A quick call to Colin and Jads put me on the right road and I was soon at the pub ready for my big breakfast... I certainly needed it! T he usual suspects where present including Mr Dwarf (BNF), No Hope, Sconey, one half of the Merce brothers (Colin), Sconey, Bagger Austin, Stevie 'Coke' B, Pete Bailey and Daddy May to mention a few.   The Draw Paul (No Hope) was well organised and even after the mandatory mickey taking had us all sorted for the draw.  I pulled out Peg 5 and my neighbours for the the day would be Doddy and

Maver Match This - Larford Lakes, 5th April 2014

The opening competition for the Maver Match This series at Larford Lakes. I've had some good sessions at Larford with the Match Fishing Scene crew over the past 3 years at our annual Larford Lash-Up event so while not thinking I'm going to win this match, at least I should be able to post a decent result. It was an early start from London to get to the venue before the 9am draw, but with an early start comes no traffic so I made the journey in under 2 hours. It was great to see a few familiar faces like Andy Kinder, Sarah, Churchy, Baz Wrexham and Rob Bagger Austin! The Draw 101 competitors had their names down and the draw was in order of ticket sales which went very smoothly rather than the standard push and shove of the queue.  I was lucky to draw 6th and picked out peg 48 on Match lake, burr bank. I'd been in this area before on last years Larford Lash-Up, peg 58 to be exact . The Set-Up The water level had been dropped in order for the event to take place