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FAS - Stockbridge Pond, 25th August 2019

The second round of the Bernard Parrot Memorial to be fished at Stockbridge Pond near Tilford and another very warm Autumn day with bright sunshine and no cloud. The Draw Peg 10 came out the hat for me, so I'd at least have some lily pads to target. Set-up The lily pads would be the main attack today so I chose two swims: End of the pads Shallower line towards the middle of the pads The waggler rod was also set-up as a secondary plan.  Bait was all natural casters, maggots, worms, sweetcorn together with some micro pellets and F1 Dark groundbait. All-In I decided to start quite negatively and cupped in a small ball of groundbait with some chopped worm on the long lily line and some casters on the short lily line.  Giving it time to settle a quick dabble on the waggler. The waggler was producing roach and small perch however in spells of two to three before they would back off. Trying the long lily line the chopped worm had obviously had its effect and I was bri

GAS - Richardson Lake, 21st August 2019

Wednesday match at Marsh Farm, the weather was certainly shaping up to be a lovely day so what better than to spend it fishing on Richardson Lake! The usual suspects lines up together with some old familiar faces from my MFS days namely Ian McLaren and Dave Boyd. The Draw Peg 5, right outside of the club house for me today Set-up I decided on a method to target the far bank and the following pole lines: 10 Metres left and right Margins left and right The menu today dead reds, casters, micro pellets, assorted pellets for hookers and F1 sweet groundbait. All-In A single ball of groundbait on the left hand 10 metre line and three balls on the right hand line.  I started on the method with double dead red maggot and groundbait loaded.  Five minute timed cast and pinging three to four 6mm hard pellets over the method line. It was a warm and still day with very little ripple on the water.  The first hour past without a fish on the method so I tried the pole lines.  The l

FAS - Badshot Lea Little Pond, 18th August 2019

Checking my diary and it had been over a month since my last outing... to say I was getting cabin fever is an understatement! Farnham Angling Society were at Badshot Lea small pond a venue that I really enjoy so it was a simple decision. The Draw Thirteen of us fishing, third last to draw today and I pulled out peg 29, in the middle of the far bank. Set-up Arriving at the peg, with the wind and rain driving, even though the weather forecast predicted the weather would ease I decided not to setup a pole line.  I even discounted the margins which could potentially be a big mistake. It was rod only today.  Two feeder rods, one with a traditional running feeder set-up and the other with a hybrid feeder, both fished on the same line short of the half way point on the lake. The waggler rod would be fished around pole range, so approximately 16 metres. Bait was F1 Green Sweet, maggots, casters and micro pellets. All-In Two balls of ground bait laced with casters on the wagg