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MFS - Rookery Waters, Pidley, 7th July 2013

The fish were busy with each other! It was another early start from London, 5:30am to be on the road for 6am... The drive up to Pidley in Cambridgeshire was easy given the time so I arrived at the Mad Cat Pub for our breakfast gathering with plenty of time to spare.  Colin Mercer was already at the pub car park having stayed over after a two day event close by.  The weather was glorious and there had been talk that the carp had been spawning on the saturday which made the fishing tough going for those competing with weighs well done on the normal 100-200lb bags! We all arrived at the fishery, lucky for Colbrad we caught him up on the famers path into the fishery and he looked a little bit lost but was soon in the convey to the car park.  Everyone unpacked their gear and we all head down to Magpie lake for the draw.  The fish were indeed spawning again and all you could hear was splashing of fish chasing each other and the slurping noise that car make in the margins... it was an a

MFS - Bury Hill Fisheries, 30th June 2013

Peg 30 Bury Hill Fisheries is one I've heard about a lot.   Russ Evans, The Obsessed Angler used to be the head bailiff with plenty of videos to be found on YouTube .  I was looking forward to this match where the main species to target is Bream.  I contacted Russ to get an idea of how to approach Bury Hill and he gave me some good advice about the pegs, what groundbait to feed and to be prepared to chase the bream further out as they tend to back off. Arriving at the fishery I was greeted by Ken who had obviously been set up by the southern lads.  As I walked into the tackle shop Ken says, "I'm sorry mate but it's Sunday and there is a problem", I responded, "What is the problem mate?", he says, "Yeah, Sunday and no Northerner's allowed to fish on a Sunday"... brilliant craic!  I'll thanks Brian Green (Proper Tidal Boy on MFS) for that one! ;-) The Draw George was sorting all the lads out in his usual no-nonsense style I d