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Tees Valley Lakes, Yarm Lake, 20th March 2022

After Jacks first experience at Tees Valley lakes on the waggler he was pretty keen to get out on the bank again. With the expected weather we were thinking of a day on the feeder rods however the weather surprised everyone and turned to a lovely weekend, so the gear was switched out for the pole. Today was only going to be a morning session so we were at the gate as early as possible. The Draw Not quite a draw, the lake was empty so I took a walk around the lake thinking where we could potentially fish across to the island once Jack got used to the pole at longer lengths.  I was also looking for a swim where the sun would get to in order to warm the water.  Peg 2 was ideal giving us plenty of water to go for and the island was close. Set-up Two main pole rigs a heavy 0.8g rig and a lighter 0.4g rig.  Yellow 4-6 Matrix slik elastic and 0.16 main line to a size size silverfish maggot and 0.10 hook length. We went through plumbing the swim to find the near and far shelves however the