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Fishing in the Netherlands - What do I need?

The Legal Requirements Disclaimer, this is not legal advice, you need to verify with the relevant authorities before fishing In the UK anglers need to have a Rod License, the same is true for The Netherlands, so here is my experience to help any anglers coming over the water to fish here. UK Rod Licence = VISpas A VISpas is required prior to fishing any waters in the Netherlands.  More information can be found here (English version) There is a very handy PDF guide to which type of VISpas you require, that can be found here: How to order your VISpas: Another useful guide that I found was one by blogger, MasterBlanker, here is a link to his blog, please note these pages are from 2010 and are centred mainly around Amsterdam.

Happy New Year, Happy New Country...

Well it's been a few months since my last fishing trip and a lot has happened in that time.  Christmas and New Year have been and gone for another year and I moved to the Netherlands with work. I'll still be back in the UK for some of the festivals I fish with the Match Fishing Scene and Maggotdrowning lads and hopefully later this year I'll be experiencing some Dutch Lakes, polders, commericals and rivers. With this new country I'm luckily enough to live with a canal right outside my front door and of course the latest big thing in fishing is "dropshotting".  So my Christmas present to myself was a dropshotting set up. I'll keep you all up to date with my adventures here in the Netherlands and hopefully the capture of my first Zander! Happy New Year all, tight lines for 2016! Lewy