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Blue Bell Lakes, 12th July 2015

Finally Mark and I get to resume our mini competition but this time rather than match fishing we decided to go in the hunt of large carp. It was back to the venue where all of it started, Blue Bell Lakes in Peterborough. This would be my first time with the rod pod and buzzers and I was hoping to use a bit of my match knowledge to winkle out a few larger specimens.  I would also be relying on Mark to be my teacher for the day. Mark had kindly brought all the bait needed, boilies, hemp, maize, pop-up's and also had prepared some rigs for me.  We met at the fishery at 8am and it had changed since out last outing in 1997.  The small portacabin had been replaced by a custom built shop / come garage for the owners bikes, it looked fantastic. Blue Bell Lake was our pick for the day and as the wind was blowing down the lake we took the 3rd and 4th swim's on the left side of the lake. Set-Up Now I can normally set-up my match gear quite quickly, so you would have thought