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Bury Hill Fisheries, 29th August 2018

A facebook post from Hathers looking for some volunteers for the Wednesday retiree, self employed and builders match at Old Bury Hill made me put in a day of unpaid leave, its just too good a place to miss and the fishing was reportedly very good. Arriving at the fishery it was raining and quite overcast, given our summer, rain was last thing on my mind. The Draw We all gathered round the cabin jostling for position.  Eventually my turn and peg 13 would be my home for the day.  Neighbours Hathers and Shedders, so plenty of friendly abuse to be had. Set-up My initial thoughts given the wind blowing across the peg was to sack the pole and just fish the rods. Choice of rods were: 12' Bomb and tea bag clipped up at 50 metres 12' Method, also clipped up at 50 metres 10' Method around 20 metres I was setup very quickly and the weather was clearing so plenty of time to get the pole out and setup a line at 14metres. Bait was mainly pellet and groundbait however I