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MFS - Stafford Moor - Silvers Festival 2017, Full Results

The Lodge of Plenty! A great week at Stafford Moor!  Jo and Paul have worked hard and the fishery is responding extremely well.  Keep doing what you are doing guys because its working! It goes without saying that thanks go to Herbie and his glamorous assistance Ken for all the organisation and effort to get us all in order during the week! Great to see all the regulars at the Moor and some new faces.  Alan, brilliant to have a proper geordie onboard for translation purposes, just don't forget where you left your keys! Finally to my Lodge of Plenty mates, the best week of the year and you guys make it more fun year on year! Full Festival results: Congratulations Colin, 3rd time festival winner! Pos. NAME TOTAL OVERALL WEIGHT TOTAL FESTIVAL POINTS 1 Colin Mercer 98-2-0 6           2 Steve Martin 92-1-0 15         3 Pete Bailey 86-9-0 17         4

MFS - Stafford Moor - Silvers Festival, 3rd March 2017

Our final days fishing at Stafford Moor and I was pleased to find I was in the middle seeded group so I’d improved on last years efforts at least. Once again one of our group would be drawing for lakes and still nobody wanted to get Woodpecker. I’d been banned from drawing for the lake due to my terrible failure yesterday so Hathers stepped up to the plate. The Draw Well Hathers pulled out Tanners for our group much to the delight of everyone. My home for the day would be Peg 5 on the lawns a very easy walk from the lodge with neighbours being ickle Wayne and Captain. Set-Up Today’s match plan was to feed two close in lines, one heavily and the other less positive. The wind was up so I decided that 5 metres would be my limit today. The pole lines were: 10 and 1 o’clock at 5 metres Margin line on my left at top two + 2. I also set-up the feeder rod to see if any larger skimmers where close to the island. All-In I put 4 balls of groundbait laced with casters on the 1

MFS - Stafford Moor - Silvers Festival, 2nd March 2017

The curry night was a blast, we had 76 Trombones ordering the hottest curry they could cook, John “I’ve got a naan bread on my head” Beasley to ickle Wayne “I don’t like onions or tomatoes”. Needless to say there were a few different smells in the tackle shop this morning! The Draw I’d been nominated by Herbie to draw for our lake. Wonderful, I could be a hero if I drew anything but Woodpecker… of course I drew Woodpecker much to the “delight” of my section members. Quite a few abusive comments would come my way throughout the day, all tongue in cheek of course! I drew Peg 10 on Woodpeckers, one of the better pegs which made me even more popular! Set-Up I broke out the waggler rod and set up the following pole lines were 13 metre lines straight ahead and towards the island  4 metre line All-In Feeding a ball of groundbait on each long line I started on the waggler in the white water behind and between my two long pole lines. A fruitless 30 minutes followed but hey, t